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Toyota land cruiser fj45 truck for sale

Toyota land cruiser fj45 truck for sale

Chevrolet V-8 engine with a single Edelbrock carburetor, GM T5 five-speed manual transmission, leaf-spring front and rear suspension with a solid rear axle, and four-wheel drum brakes.

While the FJ40 remained ever popular, the FJ45 proved to be just as competent and reliable, as it was ready and willing to go anywhere and everywhere it was needed. As many of these vehicles were often used hard by their first owners, it can be difficult to find one in good mechanical and cosmetic condition. This is one such example.

At first glance, this example appears to be nothing more than a weathered FJ45 Pickup in need of a paint job. But, as they say, looks can be deceiving. Under the hood is a cubic inch Chevrolet crate motor that can put out more than horsepower.

Rather than featuring all the polished and chrome parts that would normally be found on such a custom, the air filter and valve covers have been painted in a matte beige, to match the tough exterior. This FJ45 Pickup boasts as much charm as any of the perfectly restored classics in the Andrews Collection, and it is truly one of most compelling vehicles within the collection.

Despite its outward appearance, it runs and drives as new, and it would certainly be just as reliable as a stock FJ

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