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Bmw 330e m sport 2019

Bmw 330e m sport 2019

Still, the BMW e might still be able to sway you. In this case, the gas engine is a 2.

That makes for a total of hp and lb-ft of torque, though the e does have a trick up its sleeve. Taking advantage of higher peak performance of the electric motor for short periods, it can temporarily add up to 41 horsepower more. That hp in total comfortably out-performs the hp maximum of the old e.

It can be used up to the minimum charge status of the battery, as well as in kickdown when you push the accelerator all the way. Of course, as a plug-in hybrid, many owners will be more concerned with economy and electric range.

Happily, there are improvements there compared to the outgoing e as well.

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All-electric range has risen to up to 37 miles on the European test cycle, an increase of around percent according to BMW. To put that in context, the EPA rated the old hybrid as good for only 14 miles of electric-only driving. Fuel consumption and emissions are down, meanwhile, by more than percent.

In Hybrid drive mode, the new e will be able to hit 68 mph on battery power: previously, the old car could only get to 50 mph before the gas engine would kick in. In Electric mode, the new e will manage up to 87 mph, versus 75 mph in the last generation.

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Steering and lane guidance are available, as is a parking assistant. EV-specific features include updates to the navigation system with charger details and availability, as well as the ability to reserve a charger ahead of time.

There's an original generator, bmw 330e m sport 2019 master cylinder, and ram's horn exhaust manifolds, while underneath, there's a very clean frame and solid floors, all wearing a light coat of rustproofing compound, but no signs of previous damage or rust.

BMW says the new e Hybrid will go on sale in Europe in summer

The new BMW e plug-in hybrid mixes efficiency and performance, but how Model: BMW e M Sport; Price: £39,; Engine: litre 4cyl petrol turbo. "The BMW e plug-in hybrid is not only cheap to run, it's also as good to drive as any other 3 Series". The BMW e is a new plug-in hybrid version of the excellent 3 Series saloon. We've tested it on UK roads for the first time. It's a BMW 3-series with bigger battery range and XtraBoost – but is it The e is available in SE, Sport and M Sport specification, just like.