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Bentley bentayga suv 2019

Bentley bentayga suv 2019

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Weaving together performance, luxury, and unmistakable curb presence, the only thing it lacked was subtlety. Actually, Bentley wants to make the Bentayga more attainable.

The W12 does that in an even four. Top speed is mph, a 7 mph dip from the more expensive version.

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The interior does nothing to dissuade you of such notions, either. If the twelve-cylinder car is like an all-conquering express trainbruising through the miles with blunt force, the combination of smaller displacement and a lighter curb weight give the baby Bentayga an eagerness its brutish sibling lacks.

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Cutting the weight above the front axle does pay dividends when you find yourself carrying a little too much speed into corners, as does the front to rear power split. Dare I say it, I much prefer the V8 to the W For most SUV buyers it will, of course, still be priced out of reach. The Bentayga V8 feels less like a compromise, and more like a secret bargain.

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Claimed to be the fastest, most powerful, most luxurious and most exclusive SUV in the world, Bentley's Bentayga backs up this boast with a new. Driving the Bentayga V8 illustrated how effectively Bentley's engineers have maximized the engine's capabilities. With peak torque hitting.

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