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Moto guzzi v7 lambda sensor

Moto guzzi v7 lambda sensor

Great Missenden Greetings Guzzisti. Just need to share this with you.

I then had them change the Lambdas. The bike was transformed.

Yes, I'm going to waste the excellent trials design and features and I'm going to convert the 4RT to a trail bike that I can use for riding tight single-track trails in moto guzzi v7 lambda sensor Colorado. Many will think it's a waste to ruin such a fine trials bike, but I look at it as using exactly those features that make it so trials-worthy to re-cast it into a trail-worthy moto.

All rough running gone. I did a plug chop, looked A1. There's a legendary Guzzi mechanic in the UK known as Baldrick.

New V7's that run rough solution Possibly., GuzziTech Forums

What he has forgotten about Guzzi's is more than most will ever know. He did my second service yesterday.

I told him I'd run it with Lambdas unplugged and it was perfect. I expected him to say that the pistons would melt, the cam would catch fire, the clutch would explode, my balls would turn into pumpkins, but he said "run it with them unplugged then".

I questioned him about this, and he said that the only difference will be that the engine runs per cent richer than it would do with Lambdas plugged in up to k rpm. Obviously there's a moral question to consider in this matter re the emissions you are happy to let your Guzzi put out.

Even if A and B are the following two matrices: Advertisement Yes, A and B each have six motos guzzi v7 lambda sensor, and the entries are even the same numbers, but that is not enough for matrices.

But first let me say that this is a UK bike, running a UK map. I don't know how much maps differ worldwide. It may make a difference, but I'm not entirely convinced. I didn't ask Baldrick about it, but I will. I moto guzzi v7 lambda sensor to share this with you because I know there are those who are suffering the same trouble as I have been through, and it's worse than toothache. I've had incompetent dealer to cope with, pathetic head-scratching from Piaggio tech and no response from Piaggio head honchos to relentless emails.

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All I'm saying is this: your bike is doing weird things? Don't waste time, stress and money, just TRY unplugging those suckers. It may not work for you, in which case, my sympathies, but I just rode mine at a steady 90 all the way home 70 miles and it was perfect.

A guy told you this and told you that. What noble facts have you experienced yourself - first hand. Do you Also think a dealer would go to the tech of adding aftermarket tailpipes on a customer's car and then install part numbers on them?.

It's done at least miles with Lambdas unplugged now, and it's never been better. While Baldrick was doing the service he lent me a BMW RGS, which was nice, very stable, cornered extremely well, ripped away at low revs in low gears, but I was glad to get back on my Goose.

Not vital to safe combustion, because the other sensors on the engine take care of that. No doubt there'll be a deluge of contradiction to this, but I couldn't care less.

Perhaps consider what agenda the nay-sayers may be running Anyway, Guzzi chums far and wide, I wish you success and happiness, and I whisper to you It works for me and V7R