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2019 dodge ram 1500 ground clearance

2019 dodge ram 1500 ground clearance
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So I took it for a test drive. The RAM is an upgrade in nearly all ways over the outgoing RAM, and it will be a serious competitor in the full-size truck market. I got to play with this beefed-up truck in Scottsdale, Ariz.

To get a feel for it, I drove it both on road and off for some early impressions before it hits dealer lots later this month. It is bigger in every way but remains easy to drive anywhere.

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Somehow, the engineers at RAM were able to go big while reducing weight up to pounds. Even the dual exhaust tips, which fit nicely into the shaped rear bumper, are a half-inch larger!

Maybe grudging acceptance is a different term. In any event, 4-cylinder s are still very affordable. Consumable prices are rising, check current values here. The electrical plug is not brittle; disconnect it carefully Performance Gain: Access to other pulsar components Complementary Modification: Replace supercharger or exhaust manifold gaskets Click here to make.

Yet, at the same time, engineers also reduced wind resistance by up to 9 percent. The main size difference is a wheelbase that adds an extra 4 inches to the cab. In the crew cab, this amounts to an extra inch of front passenger leg room and a whopping 3 inches of rear passenger leg room.

While every seat in this new truck feels very spacious, the rear passengers will for sure travel first class. How many trucks offer rear-seat passengers heated and cooled reclining seats?! What other part of a vehicle do you come into more contact with? The new RAM seats are highly adjustable in all the right ways and offer good lumbar and leg support.

At 6 feet 3 inches tall and pounds, I found the leather seats to be wide, flat, and firm. I found that I slid around a good bit due to the wide bolstering. Regrettably, my ass fell asleep way too quickly with the firm foam. On the flip side, the cloth seats were comfortable, supportive, and offered a unique look. The material is tweed-like and looks as good as it feels.

The foam contouring on the cloth seats is considerably more supportive and compliant for my athletic frame, but I did find the seat base to be a bit flat. Everyone is going with the flat-sided, chiseled, angular look, while RAM continues to offer rounded-edged, muscular designs.

This engine carries over from the current line, and it offered a great exhaust note and plenty of grunt. There will be a new mild-hybrid eTorque system standard on the base Pentastar V6, and an option to add it on the Hemi V8.

The system should offer more off-the-line power and torque while improving fuel economy by about 10 percent. Ford and GM will both offer diesel power plants for half-ton pickups this year. This comes after years of RAM offering the only option in this space. Mileage ratings on the truck are not yet available, but improved aerodynamics, lower weight, and the optional mild-hybrid system should combine for some impressive numbers in this big truck.

RAM 8-Speed Automatic Transmission Power courses to the wheels through an eight-speed automatic transmission for all announced engine options.

2019 dodge ram 1500 ground clearance

During my drive, I found the Hemi V8 suffered a bit of lag in power delivery from a standstill. But it offered plenty of smooth power once the truck was in motion. Probably my least favorite part of the RAM was the gear selection. The primary selection is made with a rotary e-shifter dial on the dash.

If you want to manually select a gear — for downshifting on a big hill to save brakes, for example — there are small up and down buttons on the bottom right of the steering wheel. Both of these controls are a bit tedious to use and require your full attention, versus more traditional steering column- and console-mounted shift mechanisms.

At the other.

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