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Mercedes benz b class done deal

Mercedes benz b class done deal

We're at an interesting point in automotive history. Even cars at the low end of the automotive spectrum are equipped with autonomous features that nudge you back into your lane, brake automatically if you're daydreaming and about to plow into the car in mercedes benz class of you, and even park the car automatically.

But having a computer protect you from your own stupidity leads to all kinds of unintended frustrations, like the simple act of pulling into an automatic car wash.

Automated carwashes are great, assuming your car will permit you to drive into one He showed up at his local automatic car wash with a Volvo XC90 and tried to do deal as he would with any of the hundreds of cars he's run through the same facility over the years.

With the Volvo XC90 in neutral, the rollers engaged as they would with any other cars and -- stopped.