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Porsche 959 turbo system

Porsche 959 turbo system

Twenty-nine cars were built. These cars tested the all-wheel-drive system to be used in the Unlike the World Rally Championship the Dakar didn't require a minimum number of cars built for homologation. Inthree cars were entered in the Dakar rally with the proposed body and the rest of the systems but they still used the engine of the rally cars.

These cars didn't finish only one due to mechnical failure however. Afterwards Porsche fitted the cars with twin-turbochargers. Two cars started at the Rallye des Pharaons in October One of them caught fire, while Saeed Al-Hajri and John Spiller achieved a commanding victory with their LeMans and IMSA[ edit ] The was the 's racing counterpart The was modified for LeMans class racing now called the and participated in the and seasons.

It also participated once in IMSA class racing.

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Upon re-joining the track, the car was observed on TV monitors in the Porsche pits to be on fire and the driver was told to stop and get out of the car. Sadly Nierop pulled over between marshal stations and this extra time taken to get to the car by the marshals allowed the fire to consume most of the porsche 959 turbo system end and destroy the car. It was later repaired and put on display at the Porsche Museum.

By making modifications to the 's turbochargersexhaust system and computer-control systems, Canepa enabled the to pass emissions requirements thereby making it street-legal in the United States.

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The new configuration allowed parallel turbo charging and simplified diagnostics. Canepa also modified the 's lightweight magnesium wheels in order to fit it with tyres without the unique Dunlop Denloc bead.

Porsche 959 turbo system; the secret story of the six 959s porsche built for one man from spare parts

Modern Michelin high-performance tyres capable of handling the increased performance could then be mounted. The original RE71 tires were available in the U.

The package includes the replacement of the standard sequential twin-turbo system with a pair of Borg Warner parallel twin-turbochargers, new wiring harness and a new engine control unit along with a new exhaust system and a new clutch to handle the extra power produced by the car. The package also includes the replacement of the standard suspension system with an evolution of the S' suspension system fitted with modern dampers and titanium springs for improved handling and ride-height along with new tyres.

Porsche 959 turbo system

The headlamps are replaced with new Xenon headlamps, providing better illumination than the original units. In addition to the porsche 959 turbo system, Canepa also introduced a limited production of the SC Sport Canepa limited to 50 cars. The SC comes standard with the Generation III Canepa upgrade along with a body overhaul and a new paint-to-sample paint job according to the customer's desire that takes hours to complete.

The car also features a reworked leather interior which is complemented with a steering wheel having hand-stitched leather and a more modern sound system with the interior alone taking hours to complete. The process starts with a standard and its teardown to the chassis with every rusty part replaced and every component coated with zinc.

Porsche didn't provide the United States Department of Transportation porsche 959 turbo system four cars required for crash testing, so the car was never certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for street use in the U. Inwith the passage of "Show and Display", the crash test requirements were removed and import of the was allowed, assuming the car could meet the emissions standards applicable in The could be fitted with a catalytic converter and a re-programmed computer which allowed it to meet those emissions requirements.

As the was a pre porsche 959 turbo system, it was not required to pass any emissions testing; due to the fact that all cars are now over 25 years old and are therefore completely legal for US import, they are no longer required to comply with show and display laws. Microsoft founder Bill Gates bought a before the model had Department of.

The Porsche 's sequential turbocharger kept one blower dormant at low Troubles with the drive system and brakes, and Porsche's insistence that this.