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New toyota camry 2019 review

New toyota camry 2019 review

For the first time in 15 years, I'm driving a Toyota Camry.

Well, not quite the first - we did sneak over to San Francisco last year to take a test drive in a US-spec Camryan amuse bouche of what Ireland could expect, but this is our first chance since to drive a new Camry on Irish roads. Since it left these shores, the Camry has gone from success to success.

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Once the preserve of the Garda traffic corps and special branch, the Camry has become the best-selling four-door saloon in the world. No mean achievement that, especially in a world that seems to be increasingly shunning the charms of a traditional four-door. Think the Camry can't compete with them? Think again - its quality and likely reliability easily trumps anything from Stuttgart or Munich.

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Standard kit includes pre-collision braking with pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, LED headlights, the 'Toyota Touch' infotainment system, a rear-view camera, dual-zone climate control and wood trim.

Name its best bits Driving the Camry is a bit like rolling around in your favourite sofa.

The front seats aren't quite as sumptuous as those offered in the mechanically-related Lexus ES, but even after more than 1,km behind the wheel, we weren't complaining. The cabin, thanks to a stretchy 2. Refinement is excellent.

There's a touch too much tyre noise on coarse tarmac, but the hybrid powertrain is remarkably hushed. Even with the CVT transmission, there's less of the high-rev racket that you usually get from hybrids when you ask for full power. It does happen, of course, but the 2.

It's no-one's idea of a performance car, but it's reasonably brisk with an 8. You can switch it into Sport mode, but to be honest it feels barely any more responsive than when in the default Eco mode, so don't bother.

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Fuel economy is pretty good, though. Just as it's no performance car, it's also no sports car. Show it a twisty road and the Camry responds with well-weighted steering and a sense of sure-footedness, but it's not a fun car to drive.

With headphones or earbuds on, you'll feel like you're also sitting in the driver's seat. We upload new calipers new toyota camry 2019 review week that give quick insight into what our specially test cars look, feel, and sound like when they're being driven away. If you haven't already, subscribe. Who we are: Improper Road Media presents new toyota camry 2019 review and acceleration products and information to car enthusiasts. Because the vehicle is bad by a finance company and then leased, you can take the benefits of driving a brand new car without any of the dahs, such as depreciation, paying for road tax, maintenance costs and high then fees.

Satisfying, when you get it into its long-haul groove, but not one for sparkling Sunday morning back-road drives. Ride comfort is excellent though, even on the optional inch wheels fitted to our test car. The best bit, though, is the quality.

The sheer heft of the fit and finish is truly impressive, and you can just tell that it's built to last, to a far higher degree, than any rival. Anything that bugs you? The cabin might be well built, but there's a distinctly s vibe to the look of the dash, with lots of big buttons and a teeny-tiny infotainment screen.

The software that the screen uses also manages to look out of date, and is fiddly to use. Oh, and the stereo is a bit tinny and needs better bass control. And why have you given it this rating? The Toyota Camry's not perfect and, given that the Corolla, which uses the same basic chassis, is so good to drive, it might have been reasonable to expect a more engaging driving experience.

But what the Camry is, is hugely satisfying.

New toyota camry 2019 review

It is supremely relaxing to drive, it's economical, it's refined and well-equipped, and it has the kind of quality that you suspect will see it out-last the Rock of Gibraltar. Yes, it really was worth the year wait. Welcome home, old friend.

Which is why, we suspect, it was in Toyota's best interests to halt British sales when it did. But now the Camry's back, a new saloon in an ocean of crossovers,​. The Camry was all new and much improved for As should be expected, Toyota has not made any drastic changes for Still, the company adds some​. To find out why the Toyota Camry is rated and ranked #6 in Mid-Size Cars, read The Car Connection expert review. Camry's bold look may not be for everyone, but we applaud Toyota for trying something new. The new Camry offers sleeker styling, but it's the improved fuel economy and handling, plus standard advanced safety systems, that distinguish it among the.

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