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Lagoon city car show 2019

Lagoon city car show 2019

That reality became more stark this week when Venice was hit with its worst flood in over 50 years, caused by a nearly 1.

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Damage to the City of Canals from the second-worst flood ever recorded was put at hundreds of millions of euros dollars. Against the backdrop of the disaster, a corruption-riddled underwater barrier system that was supposed to protect the city still is not operational after more than 16 years of construction and at least 5 billion euros of public funds.

It was supposed to be working by Called Moses — from the Italian acronym for experimental electromechanical modules, but also a nod to the biblical figure who parted the Red Sea — the system of 78 underwater barriers is designed to be raised as needed to block openings to the lagoon and hold back tides of 1.

Lagoon city car show 2019

Though nearly completed, the project still has not been even partially tested, and some parts have already started to corrode. It has also been marked by bribery scandals and overruns. Its initial costs were projected at 1.

At the same time, the threats to the city of a quarter-million people are growing. While the latest round of flooding has been attributed mostly to a combination of high tides from a full moon and high winds pushing water from the shallow Adriatic Sea into Venice, climate scientists note that exceptional tides — those over 1.

The 1,year-old city is built on uncompacted sediment, which is settling. About 10 to 11 centimeters of that took place since the last big flood, in Venice is being monitored for inclusion on a list of World Heritage sites in danger, which serves as a call to action to the international community.

Other problems threatening the city include large numbers of tourists, which put stress on a city where even something as simple of trash collection must be done by boat, and the passage of cruise ships through St. The vessels release pollution, displace water into the city and carry other safety risks.

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Over the summer a cruise ship crashed into a boat and a dock. Even opponents of Moses, who have complained that it is technically flawed, too costly and damaging to the environment, now see it as the only expedient solution. A man holds up a phone during a video call to show a a flooded alley outside a shop, in Venice, Italy, Friday, Nov.

Lagoon city car show 2019

Exceptionally high tidal waters returned to Venice on Friday, prompting the mayor to close the iconic St. Mark's Square and call for donations to repair the Italian lagoon city just three days after it experienced its worst flooding in 50 years. Waters are rising in Venice where the tide is reaching exceptional levels just three days after the Italian lagoon city experienced its worst flooding in more than 50 years.

Mark's Square at Venice, Friday, Nov. The high-water mark hit centimeters 74 inches late Tuesday, Nov.

The highest level ever recorded was centimeters 76 inches during infamous flooding in

Car Show Admission half page old autos2 1, 9TH ANNUAL RAMARA vehicles show up to the Brechin Dry Dock Marine in Lagoon City to show off their​. It was once again held at the Brechin Dry Dock Marine in Lagoon City, Brechin, This year's show ran from 10am to 4pm on Saturday, July 13th,, despite.

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