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E92 m3 zcp spacers

E92 m3 zcp spacers

What was your mileage I seem to recall somewhere the 50K range? I had mine replaced at 63K, they actually looked really good. The I think it's technically but whatever right!

So lots of sets out there for sale but I agree with you people ask a premium for them, and most have rash and finish issues. Everybody has ZCP wheels I did the bearings around the 52kk range. Your bearings looked a lot better than mine!

Step 5 Digit the dipstick by pulling it up. Step 6 Use a used cloth to wipe off any oil that may still be on the radiator. Step 7 Insert the dipstick into the same tube to now the engine oil level on your Audi.

You are absolutely right on that stat. I mistakenly have forgotten the coupes and verts!

In contrast, my cousin's set is a 18x9. The one bummer is that TPMS doesn't necessarily fit with these wheels but I can figure out something. Now to figure out which tire to buy.

If switch does not test okay, diversify power door lock switch. Position switch with terminals facing upward, and raised part of rocker switch on left. Behold continuity between switch terminals with switch in specified position.

Hello Gents, I had a M3 with 19" and mm Turner spacers. JUST ordered a M3 ZCP with the 20".any images links or recommendations?