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Gta 5 nissan gtr handling

Gta 5 nissan gtr handling
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The contest comprised different phases. Players began with virtual racing on PlayStation's Gran Turismo, and progressed to National Finals before the winners of each region competed for real in actual Nissan cars at Race Camp.

Gta 5 nissan gtr handling

This experience involved week-long testing and challenges which also involved elimination. SinceRace Camp had always been based at Silverstone Circuit, UK, where the title of GT Academy Winner was awarded to whoever demonstrated the greatest potential to make the switch from Gran Turismo gamer to real racer.

Competition winners were rewarded with a place in Nissan's Driver Development Programme as well as entry into an international race or series with Nissan. GT Academy was originally run only across Europe.

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Nissan's Driver Development Programme was included to try and assist GT Academy Winners to develop the skills needed to compete against those with years of car racing experience. Starting fromeach season of GT Academy had followed with a reality entertainment TV series which was broadcast in over countries.

Gamers in the participating territories signed in with their PSN PlayStation Network ID and entered the competition via a free automatic update on the game.

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They then had to compete against each other to set the fastest lap time possible in four consecutive rounds, each with a different track and Nissan vehicle, before the final round determined whether or not the player qualified for the next phase of GT Academy. Nissan and PlayStation hosted Live Events for the qualifying rounds in the participating territories.

The fastest gamers at the Live Events were granted a spot at the National Finals.


The handling of the P5 was stopped in However, the car was so popular with the British government that in a great number of the last produced P5Bs were bought up to provide delight for years to come. Without seeing one in skeletal form its handling to describe.

Phase two: National Finals[ edit ] National Finals identified which gamers had real-life racing potential and determined the top selection of competitors who wouldill progress to the next phase of GT Academy. In addition to onsite Gran Turismo 6 time trials, competitors were also tested on real driving in Nissan vehicles.

Additionally, players underwent a personality test, and regular assessments of physical fitness, vision and general health. Competitors were split into regional groups where they competed against each other and also against other territories.

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They were allocated a judge - each with a professional background in auto racing — responsible for mentoring and eliminating all but one of their group based on various eliminatory challenges. A head judge also oversaw the eliminations and had the ultimate responsibility of naming the GT Academy Winner.

Gta 5 nissan gtr handling

On the last day, the remaining competitors - one from each group — competed in a final race against each other, where the results of the race, along with their development over Race Camp, were taken into account, so as for the judges to determine the winner. All activities took place within Silverstone Circuit and a number of other neighbouring venues to accommodate numerous types of challenges.

Nissan Skyline GT-R R33 [Stock & Cambered] for GTA 5

On the track, these included pit stop challenge, gymkhana, dogfight, stock car racing, traffic challenge, and more, with competitors driving in buggies, single seaters, and Caterham cars, as well as actual Nissan cars such as the Z, Juke, GT-R, Leaf, and Pulsar. Off-track challenges typically involved an assault course, triathlon, laser challenge, written tests, interviews and more. This was a requirement to compete at an international endurance race — the final prize for the majority of the GT Academy Winners — which for most had been the Dubai 24 Hours.

In addition to building fitness, racing experience and theory, the Driver Development Programme also included training in the NISMO Lab, where technological equipment included Nissan's In-Body machine, which analysed body composition; a brainwave monitor, which trained the mind to simultaneously focus and relax; a BATAK console to improve peripheral vision and reaction times; a racing simulator which allowed simulated racing practice on any track in the world; a biometric harness and the JukeRide which measured biometric and telemetry data respectively.

After the event, one of the driving instructors.