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Mercedes ml350 indicator lights

Mercedes ml350 indicator lights

Take a look at the most common Mercedes dashboard lights and what they mean. Image Check Engine Light This is the engine malfunction warning light. This light comes on when the On Board Diagnostic OBD system indicates that there is a problem with the way the engine is running.

It could be something as simple as a loose gas cap or even a transmission problem. Don't ignore the check engine light or your vehicle may go into limp mode.

The airbag light may come on due to a defective seat mat sensor on the passenger seat, a defective clock spring, stuck seat belt buckle etc. Check the tire pressure and add air if one or more tires have low tire pressure.

Find a space place to park and check that you don't have a flat tire. Check tire pressure and add air to any tires that may be low.

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The recommended tire pressure is found on a black sticker on the driver's door frame or behind the fuel gas cap door. If the light remains on, the system has malfunctioned or one of the sensors in your rim has failed.

Image Battery Warning Light The battery symbol will come on if your battery is not getting charged or the alternator is not working properly.

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This light will come on if the battery is not getting charged, the serpentine belt is broken, the alternator is defective, the voltage regulator is malfunctioning. Image Seat Belt This light is reminding you that you or your passengers need to use the seat belt.

Add DEF fluid as soon as possible. The main purpose of the AdBlue fluid is to remove the harmful particles from the exhaust. Image Distance Warning The distance warning lamp will light up if you are getting to close to the vehicle in front of you.

Guide to the Mercedes-Benz Dashboard Symbols and Meanings, FJ Imports

Try restarting the car, turning the steering wheel all the way to the left and then all the way to the right. In some cases, this procedure will reset the ESP warning. This warning may come on if you recently replaced the battery. It can also come on if you have a bad wheel speed sensor. Image Light Bulb Out The light bulb symbol means that one or more of the light bulbs is burned out.

You should see a warning message on the center of the instrument cluster.

Image Low Fuel Level It means that you are running out of fuel. Stop at the closest gas station and add fuel. Image Brake Light In most cases, it comes on because you either forgot to release the parking brake or the parking brake is not fully released.

Your brakes may stop working.

Mercedes ml350 indicator lights

Stop carefully and mercedes ml350 indicator lights that the brakes are working properly. The brake light may come on because of a leak from the brake line, low brake fluid level or even due to a defective brake light switch. Get your Mercedes-Benz diagnosed as soon as possible and keep in mind that your brakes may stop working as you are driving.

This doesn't mean your brakes are not functioning.

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It means the vehicle may skid or take longer to bring to a complete stop. All these systems depend on the ABS system to function. Image Glow Plug The spiral symbol that looks like a spring, is the glow plug light.

On diesel models, when you first turn on the ignition you need to wait a few seconds for the glow plug to turn off. Once the glow plug light turns off, you are good to start the engine. The glow plugs are installed to warm up the cylinders so that you can easily start the engine. Image Power Steering This symbol means that the power assist is malfunction.

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When that happes the steering wheel may be difficult to turn. The problem could be the power steering pump or the case of electronic power steering it could be a defective power steering motor.

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Ok First you mercedes ml350 indicator lights need to buy 1 NEW sensor.

On older Mercedes-Benz models steering symbol will also come on if you have released the steering column lever to adjust the steering wheel and haven't locked it again. Image Engine Overheating The temperature means the engine is overheating. Don't drive your car if it is overheating. Once the engine is cooled down, you should check the coolant level.

Problems that can cause Mercedes temperature light to come on include a bad water pump, stuck thermostat, low coolant, defective temperature sensor, etc. Did we forget to explain a Mercedes-Benz dashboard warning light? Describe a Mercedes warning light in the comments below and we will add it to the list.

Mercedes ml350 indicator lights

Why is your dashboard light glowing? We have listed descriptions for each of several lights you might be seeing. Read the details here! Understanding your Mercedes-Benz dashboard warning lights can be confusing, but it doesn't have to be. The experts at FJ Imports wrote a guide to the.

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