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2019 mini cooper clubman john cooper works review

2019 mini cooper clubman john cooper works review

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The main advantage was that these improvements, though fairly minor, could be made to the Cooper without jeopardizing the factory warranty. This new version now being turbocharged as opposed to supercharged, the kit itself is very different from that of the previous Cooper S.

The kit consists of an uprated exhaust cat-backintake system, exhaust manifold and an ECU remap. The tuning kit includes a small plaque with a unique serial number mounted on the engine, as well as front and rear JCW emblems.

This is achieved by means of a new, uprated turbocharger, larger-bore exhaust and a sportier ECU map. The John Cooper Works is the first variant of the Mini to come with DTC which, to date, is not available even as an option on other variants.

It is black looking but muscular with loads of presence on profit especially with the flared wheel arches. The A3 Sedan is eleven mm 0.

The main difference between DTC and the existent DSC is the ability to "remap" the parameters for the traction and stability control systems, to allow a sportier drive while still employing these systems at the last minute, without fully deactivating them. Brembo 4 pot caliper JCW brakes, consisting of: four-piston aluminium fixed front brake calipers finished in red with John Cooper Works logo, red painted single piston rear calipers, perforated and grooved ventilated front brake discs x22mm or Production was limited to units worldwide.

The GP2 boasts a hp for US models turbo-charged 1. The engine is essentially identical to the N18 used in other John Cooper Works models, with a slight increase in compression accounting for the modest power gain.

In keeping with its uncompromising roots, a 6-speed manual gearbox was the only transmission offered. The stability control suite features an additional "GP mode" exclusive to this model which permits a greater degree of wheel-slip while retaining function of the brake-based electronic limited slip differential.

Now very much on the same page as the Merc, Audi or VW. Just a pity it isn't as playful or interactive to drive as you'd hope a JCW would be. The new MINI Clubman John Cooper Works boasts bhp, but what's it like from behind the wheel?