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Bentley continental gt 2019 pov night

Bentley continental gt 2019 pov night

The Korea Automobile Manufacturers Association data shows that SUV sales of the five major domestic carmakers stood at, units in, rising from, in and, in In, SUV sales were around, units.

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Meanwhile, sedans sold, units last year, making up For the first time, their share has fallen below 50 percent in a country where luxurious, coupe-style sedans were once the object of envy.

Sonata, the best-selling car in Korea until, has fallen to seventh place with sales of 65, units last year. The situation is similar for other popular sedans, such as Toyota Camry that saw its global sales plummet 11 percent last year compared to Primarily, according to carmakers, this has much to do with the increase in the number of people enjoying outdoor leisure activities such as camping as they prefer a roomier interior and cargo area.

Keeping equipment such as tents, mats or sports gear like ski in the car trunk have become more important than before, said an official from a local carmaker.

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