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2019 mazda cx 5 true cost to own

2019 mazda cx 5 true cost to own

About The Numbers Our depreciation figures are calculated by aggregating then analyzing pricing, sales and other related automotive data sets.

Here are some brief descriptions of the columns: Year - The vehicle model year. New Price - The geometric mean new price paid of that model year grouped by most the popular trim levels. Current Price - The geometric mean listing price of a used model of that year grouped by the same trim levels. Maintenance - Estimated maintenance and repair costs during that year of ownership.

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Years Left - Current industry average of years remaining with predictable maintenance and repair costs. Those currently have a generally low risk of any significant depreciation over the next several years.

Own a Mazda CX-5? While we would advise holding onto this vehicle for a few years, that's not always the plan. Dealers have access to similar figures so they know that your vehicle has a low risk of depreciation.

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