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Best electric cars 2019 norway

Best electric cars 2019 norway

Jobs Evidence in Norway of poor supply of cars holding back e-vehicle revolution Evidence from Norway and other countries suggests the biggest obstacle to speeding up the electrification of road transport could be a lack of e-vehicles. Incentives to encourage people to go electric, coupled with advances in EV technology, have generated a level of demand that the supply of electric cars cannot match.

Best electric cars 2019 norway

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Delivered once a week. Sign Up Electric vehicles have been growing in popularity in recent years, but still make up only 1. The obstacle to a more rapid take-up was at first the lack of charging points, but these are now growing — research by the Electromobility Platform shows there are sufficient public recharging points for the number of electric cars on the road today, and there will be in if governments meet their plans outlined to the European Commission.

The main hurdle for consumers to overcome now is the upfront price; big reductions in battery costs have not yet translated into cheaper cars to buy — though battery electric cars are already substantially cheaper to run than petrol or diesel-fuelled cars.

But in some market niches parity has already been reached, aided by purchase incentives. The Norwegian government has led the way in incentivising electric cars, with generous tax breaks for e-vehicles, increased road tolls for petrol and diesel cars, and in-use incentives for EV drivers such as access to bus lanes or reserved parking slots.

More than half of new cars sold in Norway in were either battery electric vehicles or plug-in hybrids. But now demand is outstripping supply, even in Norway which only has a population of 5.

As a result the waiting time for motorists wanting to go electric is between eight months and two years, while thousands have paid to be put on a waiting list for new models by Nissan, Tesla, Audi and Jaguar that have not yet been launched. However, the lack of EV production may be addressed by China where reports suggest the government may be about to allow international companies to make vehicles there without a local partner.

This is designed to stimulate further investment in China by foreign companies. European carmakers are already investing heavily in production facilities for electric vehicles in China.

The good news for those on long waiting lists for electric cars is that there should be more production in the near future.

stock of passenger cars by type of fuel or powertrain at the end of 1Q The fleet of plug-in electric vehicles in Norway is the largest per capita in the world. In March As a result of the fast rate of adoption, the Nissan Leaf was Norway's best selling new passenger car model in, marking the first time in any country. However, in certain wealthy markets where electric vehicles are hot or It is the best selling vehicle on the Norwegian market, by a large margin. well that 12% of passenger vehicle sales have been Model 3 sales in