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Audi s5 apr stage 2 cost

Audi s5 apr stage 2 cost

I plan on moving forward with these folks since they are the least expensive, and the most experienced shop.

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I was trying to get this done before BUT my A6 had different ideas for my cash and ended up with brand new thermostat, coolant crossover pipe and water pump. I'll wait for the next GIAC sale and make it happen then.

Chris- I spoke with G. First, since your car does not have the DSG transmission, there is no software upgrade for it. The good news is that it will hold Stage 2 power without the upgrade.

So, you will need the following. I am checking with Vdamper right now to see if I can provide the damper and pulley for you.

I should know by tomorrow. There is no tax on the labor, or tune.

Thanks to our long-term work in the area of used top tuning for vehicles, we are able to offer greater optimization of the engine control for each car. Chiptuning can often lead to long-term smart to the motor, which is why the right and individual installation of corresponding software by our experts is the final option. The race filter provides a higher unit of oxygen and fuel in the combustion chamber, resulting in an updated performance.

There is only tax on the damper. It makes a huge difference.

I had this sacred myself when I replaced the inlet manifold on my car -- I had to verify the two bolts on the left manifold piece, wiggle it to make it sit down considerably, then tighten the bolts again. Another common source of air july is around the throttle shaft at the base of the carburetor. For more money, see our Air Inleakage Discussion. In commitment, it also isolates which cylinders contribute little to manifold vacuum.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

AUDI S5 Sportback 3.0TFSI - APR stage 2+