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Honda grace hybrid 2019 review

Honda grace hybrid 2019 review

The engine and the transmission both work perfectly fine. The battery was old when I bought it so I had it replaced, not a big deal.

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Two minor issues I need to highlight. The switches for the automatic windows on the car aren't very responsive.

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There is a bit of a delay in waiting for the window to come down after pressing the switch. Sometimes I have to continuously be pressing it up and down before the window starts to roll down.

Honda grace hybrid 2019 review

I bought the car with the original infotainment system, and it was a bit complicated to use, added to the fact that it was in Japanese. Upon replacing the car battery however, that infotainment system completely shut off and would not restart again.

I had no idea what was wrong with it. General Comments: For the two years I've been using this car, it has proved to be very reliable and practical for my daily commutes in and around the city. Most of the trips I make are short round the corner trips.

Honda Grace Hybrid 1st Generation in Pakistan. Check out what the owner has to say about his car! The City is offered and sold as Honda Grace in Japan, with.

Given that my car is a Hybrid, I tend to average about 17kmpl 40mpg while making these journeys. I have driven it on the motorway occasionally and experienced no problems at all, even during a long 5 hour journey.

It works well as a family car too, due to its spacious rear interior. Take good care of it, and it will last a long time.

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