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Suzuki bandit 400 custom

Suzuki bandit 400 custom

Custom Suzuki Bandit bu Studio Motor, : Custom Cafe 38 .

It is powered by a re-tuned and higher capacity version of the GSX-R engine. The Bandits have 15 tooth front sprockets and 45 tooth rear sprockets connected by V, link rear chains. A version of the S Bandit with anti-lock braking was introduced for certain world markets.

The ABS anti-lock braking system Bandit used a link chain as opposed to the standard link chain. Fully electronic instrumentation.

But when the suzuki bandit 400 custom generation Cayenne debuted as a model, it quickly became apparent that Porsche knew what it was doing.

Additional fuel filter. Tokico brake callipers six pistons at the front.

Improvements to frame and steering geometry. S model: New modern styled fairing, with twin headlights. The faired "S" versions also have a new shape fairing and mirrors along with a totally redesigned headlight system with over and under beams rather than the previous side by side system.

Suzuki bandit 400 custom

Some markets also received height-adjustable handlebars. There were minor revisions to the transmission internal ratios as well. The Bandit s were not sold in the US but continued to be sold elsewhere around the world.

If I had a F bike, I would have used it. The margins bike with the cc engine was a Franken-Bike. Neath the wheel, I agree. Working on a caliper vs. Plus, fettle an 18" rear would be nice.

This is “D'BANDIDO”, a Suzuki Bandit custom built to classic The Suzuki Bandit 'D'BANDIDO' is the latest build by us stirred up.