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Volkswagen vehicles for 2019

Volkswagen vehicles for 2019

Volkswagen is therefore winning market shares in a shrinking overall global market.

Volkswagen vehicles for 2019

This was due to the marked fall in deliveries in Septemberwhen vehicle availability was severely restricted as a result of the changeover to the new WLTP type approval procedure. In the USA and China, Volkswagen succeeded in maintaining or further expanding its market share in a generally shrinking overall market. The situation in South America was similar.

Volkswagen successfully asserted its position throughout the world in September. With our products, we are fully aligned with the taste of our customers and therefore continue to grow in a shrinking global market.

This was due to the special situation last year; as a result of the changeover to the WLTP type approval procedure in September, many customers had brought purchases forward to the first half of the year and deliveries in September were very poor as a result of availability bottlenecks.

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Volkswagen was well-prepared for the second stage of WLTP this year and there were therefore no negative effects. For this reason, Volkswagen grew more strongly than the overall European market, which only grew by In Western Europe, the volkswagen vehicle for 2019 recorded a rise of In Germany, with 40, vehicles delivered, growth reached In Central and Eastern Europe, the Volkswagen brand handed 22, vehicles over to customers in the month under review, In September, developments in North America ran counter to this trend.

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In the region, Volkswagen delivered 43, vehicles. The situation was similar in the USA, where the brand handed 26, vehicles over to customers, There were two fewer sales days in the month than in The upcoming model replacement for the Passat also had an impact. The SUV segment continues to account for more than half of all vehicles delivered.

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The situation for Volkswagen in South America remained gratifying. In the region, the brand recorded growth of In Brazil too, the upward trend of the brand continued.

Volkswagen handed 33, vehicles over to customers, In Argentina, Volkswagen succeeded in boosting its market share despite a fall in deliveries of In the Asia-Pacific region, the Volkswagen brand grew in Septemberin contrast to the shrinkage in the overall market.

The Volkswagen brand handed overvehicles to customers in the month under review, 2.

This ensures that the opening and closing of the intake and exhaust valves will be coordinated with the movement of the pistons in their volkswagen vehicles for 2019. Most timing belts are designed to last for 60, miles.

In China, the overall market once again shrank. In contrast, Volkswagen deliveredvehicles, 3. Overview of deliveries by the Volkswagen brand: Read further.

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