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2001 dodge dakota no bus message

2001 dodge dakota no bus message

Begin with the key off and vehicle stopped. Continue to hold the reset button in for about 10 seconds until "CHEC" appears in the odometer display, then release the button.

A series of 3 digit error messages MAY appear in the display IF you had cluster problems but if not then the display will proceed with the segment test; all segments then each individual segment in sequence will illuminate.

If any do not, the cluster is a candidate for service. If all are OK then the next test follows.

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The red indicators are LED's and if they don't light in the test the cluster must be replaced. The gauge actuator test is next. The cluster circuitry will position each of the gauge needles at three different calibration points and then return the needle to its relaxed position.

If any one does not respond correctly, check the spring-clip terminal pins on the cluster. If those are OK the cluster is bad.

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The self-diagnostic test is completed. The cluster will self exit the test mode and return to normal at the end of the test. If the key is turned off during the test or if the PCM sends a message on the CCD bus that there is movement of the vehicle, the test ends.

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Dakota wouldn't stay running with an associated "no bus" on the odometer. also got all A speed sensor won't cause a no bus message. Hello and welcome to JustAnswer! The no bus message means that the PCM isn'‚Äčt awake and communicating with the instrument cluster. And no error codes, stored or pending. I do have 5 volts on the PCI bus circuit, but can't seem to be able to communicate with the PCM. I've had my gauges go out with the "no bus' message in the odometer window three times now! Checked all the fused, disconnected the battery.

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