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Toyota hilux 2019 vs 2018

Toyota hilux 2019 vs 2018

All information applies only to vehicles sold in the Philippines.

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The Japanese automaker has dished out everything in between in the country — from competitive hatchbacks to omnipresent sedans, down to its airy MPVs right to its most adamant of SUVs. Today, our adoration will focus on one of their robust pickups — the celebrated Toyota Hilux.

Since its introduction in the late s, the Toyota Hilux, has consistently grown for eight generations — each of which more powerful, durable, and even unbreakable than ever. All of these hallmarks are retained with the Toyota Hiluxwhich we'd we highlighting across all the segments below. In essence, the Toyota Hilux is a pick-up truck which was initially developed specifically for the American markets, but later, has been available in all the other markets around the world.

The Toyota Hilux has a huge reputation worldwide for its immense practicality, rigidity, and sturdiness, which are the foremost requirements for a pick-up truck. It has the durability factor which has made it favorite of popular militant groups in war-torn regions in the Middle East. The Toyota Hilux is also one of the top 10 best-selling cars in the Philippines.

2019 Toyota HiLux Range Review; toyota hilux 2019 vs 2018

The Toyota Hilux entered the local market and manages to carry forward the rich legacy of the previous versions. It is now available in four 4x2 variants and two 4x4 variants with the options of manual and the automatic transmissions.

For its official prices, it starts at Php 8,14, for the base Toyota Hilux 4x2 J variant with manual transmission and up to Php 16,21, for the top-spec 4x4 G variant now with the automatic transmission. Features Easily the most obvious hallmark of the Toyota Hilux is its refined strength.

It stands bold and confident while on the road, which is only matched by its uncompromisingly prominent exterior and an interior that beckons even the most sophisticated. When you get in front of its wheel, you'll discover right away the vehicle's rough albeit stylish exterior.

The Toyota Hilux is also renowned for its long-lasting and durable offerings — foremost of these is its built-in body protection which boasts of an extra strong high-tensile steel frame, right alongside an anti-corrosion, and chip-resistant coatings. Equating its virile aesthetics is its unbreakable performance.

The Toyota Hilux can carry everything — an ambitious quality that is readily delivered by its towing capacity of up to 3. This entrant can also handle the rough as it gives an impressive mm of wheel articulation for premium handling and smooth ride off-road for the 4x4 and 4x2 Hi-Rider variants.

Complementing its off-road prowess is the inclusion of accessories, courtesy of the Toyota Genuine Accessories which include of a premium steel pull bar, side rails to safeguard the body, and a tow bar to harbor your load safely. Talking about safety, the Toyota Hilux is also a powerhouse in security features. Among its notable features in this segment are the Trailer Sway Control support, the reversing camera which helps you navigate tight parking spots, and Hill-start Assist Control which aids you on avoiding rollback on steep inclines.

Selected models also come with a Downhill Assist Control for low speed control right when you are descending slopes. Performance Under the hood, it is blessed with two engine options. The 4x2 variants which are powered by a 2.

The 4x4 variants only have the option of a bigger 2. Both engines and drive layout options are powerful and sturdy enough to make the Toyota Hilux tractable and easily drivable in every kind of condition. Both 4x2 and 4x4 variants do get the choice of a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic gearbox to choose from.

The Toyota Hilux safety features are given its reputation of being a highly durable and tough vehicle. It is expected that the Toyota Hilux gets all the top-of-the-line safety features, but it only has the basic essential. The Toyota Hilux could have been equipped with more premium active and passive safety features available in other SUVs from.

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When Toyota launched its HiLux ute in the late '60s, there's no way the brand could have using it to own the Australian sales charts month after month in Another big exterior difference is the fact that the Hilux can be optioned in a single cab configuration, but the Tacoma can't. The single cab Hilux is a chassis cab. Ford promises to limit maintenance costs to $ on Ranger models for four Read our Toyota HiLux Rogue hands-on review. The Toyota HiLux is Australia's top-selling new vehicle, which is pretty remarkable. This ubiquitous ute is as solid as Review 17th May The Toyota HiLux range offers a quiet diesel among three engines, and comes in more varieties than any other ute. The HiLux is very good off-road, and​.