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Ipad 6 2018 vs ipad mini 5 2019 pubg

Ipad 6 2018 vs ipad mini 5 2019 pubg

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I like what developers did with Royal Pass, i did buy it, i love they change outfits every time. I love the updates they make every time and adding new weapon skins and brand new weapons.

Omg, it is full of them, specially arab and chinese countys. I cant belive you cant do nothing about it, from the season 3 start, almost every game is with cheaters, shooting threw walls and seeing me everywhere, and i dont say it just because.

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I really did play allot of games and i see how it is. I stay in a house, in a spot without windows so they cant see me threw and the shoot the wall in the precise spot where i am from hundreds of meters away, how is that even possible. And allot of bugs, still didnt fix the bug when you are down on the ground, suddenly the game puts you in your feet When you will repair all of this devs???

Thank you, im waiting for an answer! I enjoy the game but for coupe of days now i dont even want to play it because of this.

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When it was fun to play! Developer ResponseHello, thank you for bringing this to our notice. We'll take necessary actions against players who exploit our game.


Enthusiasts for both generations of the SX still keep their vehicles on the road and form clubs around the country to showcase their cars and talk shop about ipad 6 2018 vs ipad minis 5 2019 pubg availability and do-it-yourself upgrades.

Everything became repetitive and it ruined the experience for me as a challenging skilled based game is what we all love. Thank You so much for your time From - Dearest Supporter.

Apple iPad mini 5: The new Apple iPad mini boosts performance and adds Apple Pencil support – if you liked the old mini, you'll love this one. Download PUBG MOBILE and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. #​5 in Strategy Top Free iPhone Game – Apple App Store *PUBG MOBILE recommended system requirements: iPhone 6 or Oct 16, Contains air drop weapons, Lv. 3 armor, Payload Mode weapons and more!

2018 iPad vs iPad Mini 5