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2019 range rover sport on 24s

2019 range rover sport on 24s

The main concern while upsizing is to own the overall diameter or rolling circumference of the tyre is the same. If the rim is upsized, the tyre has to give up a professional bit of sidewall height to ensure the overall circumference remains as close to the original wheel and tyre. Have a look at our Tyre Size Manoeuvring to see how you can safely upsize your car's chassis.

Reservoir-type shocks: shocks which provide some kind of barrier, usually either a flexible rubber barrier or a metal piston, between the oil and gas usually nitrogen in a shock. Reservoir shocks are usually pressurized.

Because of this pressure, the oil can't cavitate under heavy use, making them better suited to high-stress environments such as racing or offroad use.

These 22" Forgiato Wheels where made for the 2019 Range Rover V8 SS