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2020 shelby gt500 ford mustang

2020 shelby gt500 ford mustang

Here's what the new supercharged Mustang Shelby GT sounds like in Quiet, Normal, Sport and Race mode, inside and out. With more than horsepower and a.

Well, numbers and obsession. Turns out, if exorbitant horsepower and torque at your disposal is your guiding star, the new Shelby GT will outshine just about everything else in the muscle car scene. The Ford Shelby GT was to make its case at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, a setup with multiple tracks including a shorter, inside road course, and a longer, outside racetrack.

The preferred habitat of the GT It got me thinking: with all that power on tap, can the new Shelby GT hope to be more than just a muscle car now? I promised you numbers; the Shelby GT delivers them. Ford starts with a massive power plant, a muscular 5.

For some added boost, Ford Performance worked closely with Eaton to build an entirely new supercharger.

The engineering team wanted to retain the intake air cooler, while still giving the engine a lower center of gravity. It generates up to 12 psi of maximum boost and allows the V8 to churn out a mind-boggling horsepower and lb-ft of torque.

Those particular numbers make the new GT the quickest and most powerful street-legal Mustang ever built. Still, with that much power on call, Shelby can probably hear the new GT all the way from heaven. The new supercharger has a high-twist, four-lobe rotor design. The degree helical twist in the rotors means it can pump larger volumes of air, compared to the degree twist of previous Eaton blowers, too.

The engine is bolted to a Tremec 7-speed dual-clutch automatic that shifts at a rate of 80ms — faster than a racing driver could ever hope to stomp on the clutch.

There are multiple drive modes to squeeze out every ounce of power from the angry V8. Since Ford wants you to have a good time in the new GT, too, the transmission is equipped with line-lock and launch control, so you can heat up the tires and scorch down the track with minimal effort.

More importantly, did Ford somehow manage to sanitize the driving experience usually associated with muscle cars? Is everything now all so effortless, that driving becomes pedestrian and everyday, instead of something you feel like an integral, essential part of?

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Fear not: the answer to all those questions is a resounding NO. At slower speeds, indeed, the Mustang borders on luxury car smoothness, albeit a luxury car on steroid.

It can be dangerously beguiling, too: idling in third gear down a steep and winding mountain was enough to catch the attention of law enforcement, despite my best intentions to be well-behaved away from the track.

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Heedless of the 45 mph posted speed limit, the Shelby GT cruised smoothly to past 70 mph. Instead the Tremec 7-speed dual-clutch automatic was a revelation.

But with a wet clutch system consisting of five friction plates for the odd gears and six friction plates in the even-gear pack, the dual-clutch unit proved impressively smooth, even at a crawling pace. Flick the driving mode from Normal to Sport and Track mode, however, and the new electrohydraulic shift mechanism with low-leak solenoids unlocks those lightning-fast 80ms gear changes.

2020 shelby gt500 ford mustang

The sound of a tuned supercharged V8, pushed hard, is tough to resist. Out on the drag strip, the GT was as fast as I was expecting. Sure, the Challenger Hellcat Redeye is probably faster on paper. It can reach the quarter-mile in I did three runs in the GT, and my best quarter-mile run was This translates to a zero to sixty time of 2. According to Ford, the new Shelby GT rushes to 60 mph in less than 2020 shelby gt500 ford mustang seconds, and can crush the quarter mile in sub-eleven seconds, which is pretty impressive.

As my track numbers suggest, it seems the GT is more than capable of giving the Hellcat Redeye a serious run for the money. It was in this run, though, that I felt most connected to the Shelby GT Sure enough, on its readouts my reaction time with the car was 0.

Given the right circumstances on a prepped surface, the Demon shatters the quarter-mile in less than ten seconds, which continues to astound the mind up until this day. But as the all-conquering straight-line talents of the Demon end, the new GT is just getting warmed up.

In a strange turn of events, Ford managed to give the new Shelby a more athletic set of legs. I never thought the day would come where I could confidently throw a Shelby GT around a track and then walk away feeling as good I did on the dragstrip. I grew a newfound sense of respect for the suspension, chassis tuning, steering, and braking of the Shelby.

It still feels.

It's the most powerful Ford ever mass-produced. The Ford Mustang Shelby GT is a future classic, and unlike its predecessors, the car. Ford's ultimate pony car is a finely honed blast on racetracks, drag strips, and back roads.