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2014 ford explorer sport rack and pinion

2014 ford explorer sport rack and pinion

A loud grinding noise coming from steering.

Most adults will find the rear passenger area to be temporarily cramped. While this car gets adequate gas mileage on the turbo, long-distance commuters may still desire a more ecological ride. As some motorists already know, rear-wheel drive cars tend to see worse in snowy weather. Hop on a Bolt Switchgear.

The steering wheel would lock the right or the left while driving. Took it to ford dealer they replace rack and pinion.

When we got it back it was hard to keep in the road like you was driving on a gravel road also a ticking noise when turning wheel. Also some lights came on the dash traction control, abs light and one other light not sure what it was.

Took back to ford place they said there was a nut lose that was where the clicking noise was coming from. Got it back today still feels like you are driving on gravel road can hardly keep it in the road. What is deal with ford. We will not let our daughter drive it.

This is a safety issue ford should fix it. I see Ia m not the only with this issue.

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From what I can tell some have caused a accident or all most one. What happens when someone loses a loved on.

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How to replace a 2013 Ford Explorer Electric Rack & Pinion