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1970 chevelle ss 454 ls6 horsepower

1970 chevelle ss 454 ls6 horsepower

Don, and initial Paul Skinner, decided to change the bike to increase its show use. Paul contacted me around, to get info about quality "Big Twin". That was the last time I preferred about "Big Twin". There were reports that it had been on e-bay several modes ago, but that could not be confirmed.

The Chevelle LS6 was an absolute leviathan of a car, with option packages in the brochure that cost nearly as much as the car itself. This one is an absolute peach. For there were many, many more options to feast your eyes over if you really wanted to go to town on the spec sheet.

I will provide a link on the slope sheet to assist you. RHD is designed upon request. The M52TU, M54, and S54 come painted for the E46 engine harness, please let us know if you plan to use another drawback. Just send us your ECU to be viewed.

Despite numbers that would lead to quite the cigarette habit if checking your bank statement, this was one special car. So special, in fact, that most muscle car enthusiasts will unequivocally agree that this is one of the greats, quite a feat in the depth and breadth of the automotive world. Bearing in mind this was the turn of the disco seventies, nearly five decades ago, the LS6 sucker punched hp through its headers when approaching its mesmerizing RPM red line.

LIKE & SUBSCRIBE SAMSPACE81 if you like old cars. Considered the Holy Grail of American muscle cars by most, the LS-6 optioned Chevelle SS is a.

A complete nut and bolt restoration guarantees impeccable door shuts along with every one of those horses. In addition to offering one of the finest examples you can find, the vendor even has the original book pack with the vehicle, along with something you seldom see with cars of this age; a photograph of the original owner in with his college roommate.

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A heartwarming throwback to the days of yore that tells a story of simpler times, cruising around with that hair raising burble down the boulevard. If we had the money, we would.

The LS6-powered Chevelle SS had none of the conveniences that 21st century muscle car enthusiasts have come to expect. It's hp rating even. For a short time, the Chevrolet Chevelle LS6 represented the pinnacle In reality​, buying the inch LS6 engine in the Chevelle in was. This Chevelle SS is about as good as they get when it comes to Bow Tie muscle cars. Now it's up for grabs in a charitable contest. to jump into the muscle car market with what many call the best muscle car ever – the Chevelle SS with the fearsome LS6 engine.