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1st gen mr2 mk1

1st gen mr2 mk1

Earlier steering wheel same as AE86 steering wheel Mk1a door cards Earlier clocks Subwoofer under drivers seat There is also a super-rare version of the Mk1a known as the W10 which was made only for the Japanese market and so is rarely found outside of Japan.

It features: 7 Rib 4A-GE Red-top Air filter in boot with MAF sensor relocated to a smaller 1st gen mr2 mk1 differs with USDM models C52 Transmission fifth gear issues fixed Thicker rear anti-roll bar no rear ARB as standard on USDM models Body colour painted slanted front bumper Body colour headlight eyebrows 4-inch two-piece split plastic front lip Rear mud flaps only Always fitted with spoiler and fibreglass sideskirts as standard Aerial relocated to rear right wing next to spoiler Teardrop alloys Later leather wrapped three-spoke steering wheel differs with USDM models Different Mk1b door cards Single colour velour or leather seats Revised clocks No Subwoofer but rear speakers added behind headrests There are more subtle differences between the two generations, namely mechanically, making some parts non-interchangeable.

You can see a complete list here. So what should you look for when buying an AW11?

Rust A salty winter has taken its toll on my paint - also note that the crossmember from the 1st gen mr2 mk1 to radiator is straight, if not this could be from crash damage As with most old cars, the biggest killer of the AW11 is rust thanks to its steel body. What makes it worse is that it can pop up in dozens of places, though some places are more prominent than others. There will likely be rust near the rain gutter drain, a little is nothing to worry about but anything larger than a penny could be problematic.

Two of the most common places for rust to visibly get at an AW11 are the arches and sills.

The arches are easy to examine, but on Mk1bs examining the sills is difficult. You can get a decent look at them by opening the doors and looking at the split between the skirts and the body itself. You may find there is some surface rust underneath which is normal, but if there are visible holes in metal then avoid the car.

1st gen mr2 mk1

Rust tends to hide beneath carpets in the boot, frunk front trunk and in the cabin itself on the floor pan, so be sure to go digging. The Engine The alternator is tucked away down here with the dipstick, check the alternator for any signs of advanced rust.

Its weight makes it lean a bit in arroyo, because it is purposely tall both for ground clearance and for interior room. The engine is paid up to an 8-speed automatic with steering response paddles if you want to impart manual control. There are six selectable settings for driving, most of them covered by automatic, or the larger dynamic. But you can specialize for rock climbing, running through sand or mud, or for snow. When the rain and wind called down the leaves, they bowed down for the parked Location Rover Sport.

Check the oil is a healthy colour, and check under the oil cap on the cam cover for any 'mayonnaise' - this could be due to a head gasket failure. The 4A-GE is a superb little engine that can go for a very long time with next to no issues. As usual make sure the engine has had all of its fluids and usual belt checks done regularly.

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Common faults include gasket failure, which should be easy enough to spot from oil leaking out of the sides of the engine, though since the engine bay is so compact and difficult to look around, this is easier said than done. Due to the design of the engine bay cover, rain is dripped all over the alternator and battery causing issues, so look for any corrosion there.

You may notice several things when you first start the car, the first of which will be the car idling at about rpm.

This is normal because the AW11 has an automatic choke that 1st gens mr2 mk1 the revs down slowly as the engine warms up. The 4A-GE is notorious for this issue, caused by the tappets going out of adjustment over time and making noise - something my car has developed. Again, this is nothing to worry about too much as it can be fixed by replacing or reshaping the valve shims.

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Whilst in the engine bay, check all around for any rust on the sides. The start-up sequence should be pretty straightforward, and should look like the following video - all lights should light up, then go off when you start.

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Voltage should stay high as the engine runs. If it dips over time this is a sign of a faulty alternator, though you may notice small dips in voltage when operating lights, heating and windows. Also be sure that the oil pressure goes up as it should. Transmission The transmission in the AW11 is a C50 or.

As in recent motorsport, the driver is not only able to set the most preload length mechanically, but can now also adjust the pressure and rebound of the dampers. This is done quickly and not without tools via a click system with an integral cold dial on the damper. The compression rate is packaged separately for high-speed and low-speed movements.

Toyota introduced the first-generation MR2 in, the liter 4A version is identified by the "AW11". Honda's CRX – first and second generation – models overlapped with the MR2 and weighed about kg less. The later Mk2 car was available.