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2005 ford focus zx4 dashboard lights

2005 ford focus zx4 dashboard lights
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Please help I'm at my wits end! I purchased my 04 Ford Focus a year ago, it ran great and checked out good with a Goodyear shop.


Because most modern engines are heavily restricted due to emission regulations, an ECU remap or installation of an engine control unit is always the first step towards unlocking the 2005 ford focus zx4 dashboard lights your BMW or Mini is capable of.

About 2 months later the key wouldn't turn. I quickly figured out if I lightly tapped it with something it would turn and started perfectly.

I ordered a new key assembly and keyed it myself so that I wouldn't have to purchase new chip keys. I couldn't find anyone that would replace it for me so I kept a little hammer in my car and did that for about 4 months until I found someone. During that time, I noticed my lights started flickering and I had some power problems.

When the mechanic replaced the key assembly, he also said that the alternator was going bad so he replaced it. The driving problems got better but the lights never stopped flickering. They tested the battery and said it's perfect but the alternator is going bad again.

So I purchased my own alternator amd had a new mechanic replace it.

2005 ford focus zx4 dashboard lights

I also bought the pigtail wires for it but returned them because the mechanic said he tested the wires and they were fine. I again had it tested.

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After the 3rd alternator, I checked all grounding wires I could find looked good and I had him replace a broken purge value that we noticed. Exactly e months later, alternator bad again. Battery checking out fine.

I also have turned the test mode on and it shows the battery around while I drive. When the alternator goes bad I know it's about to act up by a constant clicking sound in the dashboard, and if I turn the car off and back on, sometimes it's fine again for the entire ride.

Do you have any ideas as to why my alternator will only last 3 months? I've asked so many shops yo look at it and none of them want to diagnose electrical issues. The reason I mentioned the key issue is, could the tapping have damaged something that would cause this problem?

Any input is greatly appreciated.

dashboard lights stay on and continuous beeping when key is out and doors shut, I have a Ford Focus. I've had to replace battery every. Does the flashing red light of a car and lock on your dashboard scare you? It shouldn't! It's actually there to help you. But what exactly does this.