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Ford vehicles that will be discontinued

Ford vehicles that will be discontinued

It'll stay as fresh faced in 15 years like the has. The Swift is a nice car and has a good condition here in Holland. I dont know the very well, just my Mini but its always non standard so cant give too much money there. The Cueball, AM is a great little car I jointed at a swift too I know people that love em I know dale that have had loads of bother with them I think the MINI is already overrated, we have several hanging around at work which we use as run arounds, the has being notably uncomfortable if you spend any longer than about 40mins in it:rolleyes: Everyone else has already mentioned it but the dealers get through a huge amount of sturdy rectification work.

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The annual list of discontinued cars, or vehicles canceled by “They way Ford communicated their decision to abandon sedans was a.

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