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Ducati 1098r vs 1198s

Ducati 1098r vs 1198s

Partial to a good wheelie. And recall a modified to the point of cheating version of the R won the European superstock championship with Davide Guigiliano aboard.

In short, this bike was and is far from old and tired. Or at least you did a couple of years ago. Likewise, the brakes, suspension and brakes provide little evidence of newness.

Individually, these new components may seem insignificant, but together they have an important effect on performance. The has about 10 extra horses over its predecessor and, vitally, these are delivered in the meaty part of the rev range — right from low down, where you need them for firing out of corners.

Gone are the days of V-twins being the lazy-steering, heavyweight option — the is as slimmed-down and lithe as they come.

The United States exported, used owners in and Japan shipped over 1 million such composers overseas, according to Bloomberg. Rich countries from Japan to the US have went at least some of their older vehicles to developing nations such as Pontiac and Nigeria for decades now.

So does the riding experience live up to the exquisite looks and lightened load? Under that heavy test, the steel trellis frame is working wonders, delivering feedback even at full lean and inspiring tyre-testing corner speeds. The Ohlins shock and forks do not lack adjustability, of course, and plenty of tweaking can be done to make the more road-friendly.

Ducati 1098r vs 1198s

Even so, it will never be a perfect road bike, as it is just too focussed. Speaking of the gearbox, JP was annoyed by finding a false neutral between third and fourth on a few occasions. Another thing the inherits from the R, in an updated form, is some very smart electronics.

It features a sophisticated, race-developed traction-control and data-logging system with eight settings. This is no GSX-R-style mode-switch gimmick either, but a genuinely grip-boosting control centre.

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