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2000 dodge dakota quad cab body kit

2000 dodge dakota quad cab body kit

This will allow for larger diameter tires for increased ground clearance and an aggressive off-road look. High Grade Materials - This Dodge Dakota 3" body lift kit uses extremely durable lift block's that are constructed of a high grade reinforced nylon along with extended body bolts, required hardware and brackets.

The blocks install between the body and the frame where your factory body mounts reside. Grade 5 zinc plate extended bolts replace the factory body mount bolts.

Better Ride Quality - Because the factory suspension is not altered, your ride quality will not be changed. No front alignment is required along with no extended shocks required by installing this body lift kit.

You'll have no trouble keeping up with the easier engines, low and mid-range power is available and that's not where we need it off-trail. Moreover, you have the original of several track that will satisfy your needs. Vas of this vehicule General appearance of the snowmobile Look.

Unlike many suspension lift kits that will create a harsh ride and change the suspension geometry requiring a front end alignment. Some suspension lift kit manufactures do not recommend the addition of any body lift kit.

If you have or are planning to install a suspension lift and a body lift kit please refer to the suspension lift kit manufacture or contact us for more information. Front and rear bumper brackets are included in this kit.

Steering extension included. Rear bumper brackets are to enhance appearance only, bumper cannot be used for towing Tech Specs.

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