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2018 ford fusion electric for sale

2018 ford fusion electric for sale

Passengers have stated the backseat has ample leg room. I have not yet had to bring it in for mechanical issues except normal wear and tear, tires, oil change, brakes.

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The disadvantage of this car is that the lights do not automatically go on at dusk and off when the car turns off. Although I have gotten use to this, if another family member drives the car, it has to be reminded. The trunk is very spacious.

The car is not noisy at all. I have noticed one very small blind spot, but it is not an issue.

2018 ford fusion electric for sale

The mileage has been great. I commute about 25 - 30 minutes away Monday through Friday and fill up about once a week. Usually never more unless going on out of town trips.

I drive to work in the country some distance then get on an interstate. I have no trouble with acceleration or braking. It also has built in sync which is a huge plus. Story The Ford fits a car seat nice and snug in the back seat. We were without one for years, but had to put one in with the birth of our second grandson.

We were responsible for caring for our 3 year old grandson when his brother was born. We felt we could safely transport him to the hospital to see his baby brother and parents in the Ford.

Used Ford Fusion Energi for Sale Near You, Edmunds

The Ford fits a car seat nice and snug in the back seat. Pros My favorite feature of the car is the built in sync, Sirius radio and sunroof.

The car's gas mileage has put money in my pocket compared to other vehicles I have driven. Braking is fantastic and the car has front wheel drive which helps a great deal in bad weather. The car has been trouble free except for routine maintenance.

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I can easily get on and off the interstate without issue as it accelerates rapidly and is very smooth without jerkiness when doing so. The car is also equipped with fog lights which has helped on many evenings heading home in the country.

Please 2018 ford fusion electric for sale or email for more information before placing your order. Sporting a HEMI crate engine featuring our forged pistons and rods as well as our custom grind camshaft. To get that kind of power to the black top some considerable changes had to be made to the drive train of the vehicle including a beefed up transfer case built by Paramount Performance as well as their NAG1 Super Pro automotive transmission capable of supporting up to HP.

The backseat leg room h The backseat leg room has allowed for driving with other adults in the car. And we have easily been able to fit 5 adults when necessary. The car stores a lot in the trunk and with the fold down back seat I can also haul oversized items when necessary without the need for a larger car or pickup. Cons The top negative on the Ford Fusion would be the manual lights.

The lights must be turned on and off. They do not go on automatically at dusk or on rainy days when it is dark and gloomy. The lights also must be turned off manually when the car is turned off. This was difficult to remember initially and must be constantly reminded when other family members take the Ford instead of another model we own.

The other negative thing would have to be the lack of motion to adjust the steering wheel. It does not slide up when trying to get out of the car if you have heavier coats on or someone It does not slide up when trying to get out of the car if you have heavier 2018 fords fusion electric for sale on or someone larger sits behind the wheel. Most other vehicles have all of these built in as standards, and they are missed greatly in the Ford Fusion.

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Here are the top Ford Fusion Energi listings for sale ASAP. Check the carfax $22,$29, $17,$21, $14,$17, View degree photos of the Fusion Energi with detailed close-ups of the vehicle's interior and exterior. The Ford Fusion Energi is the top of the Fusion family ladder for buyers Smart Buy Program is powered by TRUECar Logo.