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2010 ford focus egr valve location

2010 ford focus egr valve location

This is because the air to fuel ration is out of whack. Therefore, the engine requires more fuel than average to have any power into the engine.

As such, you will spend more money on gas because lousy fuel efficiency in your vehicle will result in a bad fuel economy. Fuel odor Since the engine is now taking up more fuel than it is supposed to, more hydrocarbons will leave the tailpipe. You will be irritated by the smell because it is terrible for your health. So, this should be a motivation to address the valve issue.

egr valve location cleaning etc 1.6tdci??

Failed emission test In case you reside in a state that requires you to test for emissions every six months, you might realize that you have a faulty EGR valve when you fail the test. You might not be alerted of the EGR problem during the trial, but it is something to watch out for right away.

2010 ford focus egr valve location

Rough idle The engine will have a rough idle when the EGR valve is faulty because it will remain in an open or closed position. This implies that too few or too many exhaust gases are entering the chamber, and this is why the engine is idling. There are two types of bad EGR valves, which have different symptoms.

An EGR valve can become faulty in two ways; it can be closed all the time or open at all times. It could also remain clogged by carbon and debris. If the valve sticks open When an EGR valve is an open position, it creates a vacuum leak.

The leak results in incomplete combustion, which usually causes hesitation and rough idling. Stalling can also be a symptom when the valve is ever open, but it occurs in extreme circumstances.

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The vehicle requires oxygen from the atmosphere so that it combusts the carbon dioxide. If the chamber floods with exhaust gases, specific vehicle functions are affected.

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How to diagnose open EGR When the vehicle is idling in a parked position, look at the plunger shaft and check whether it is open or not. Error codes of P and P are seen when the valve is stuck open.

2010 ford focus egr valve location

Remove the plug and fill it using carbon cleaner. In case the fluid leaks when the lid is placed upside down, it is held open. Use a valve cleaning kit and then proceed to pull a vacuum on the valve.

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The EGR is stuck closed When the valve is stuck closed, vast amounts of nitrogen oxide are emitted from the automobile. The vehicle might knock when the fuel mixture within the chamber ignites before attaining the cylinder explosion. This leads to a disruption of engine timing.

The knocking sound is a sign that the valve is shut. You will have to remove the valve and utilize a valve kit to clear out debris. The issue causes a rough idle, and in severe cases, the automobile might stall.

This is because the exhaust gas does not re-circulate to the engine at idle, and it only happens when the motor exceeds the 30mph. Remove the plug and clean it using the valve cleaning kit to remove blockages. Bad EGR signs often resemble other issues within the engine system, leading to confusion.

Luckily, now you are aware of the symptoms of a bad EGR and can now fix them easily. Refrain from swapping components as you attempt to fix the issue before you are sure about the problematic part.

In case you experience difficulty fixing the issue, contact a mechanic for professional assistance.

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