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1991 ford mustang gt airbags

1991 ford mustang gt airbags

Posts: Airbag question OK, I am trying to install a new head unit. My car came with the "Premium" audio package, with the seperate amp under the passenger seat.

When I was looking at the speaker in the driver's side door, I noticed the door switch was totally destroyed. The guy told me he pulled the fuse for the interior lamps because the switch was always "on".

That fuse also has something to do with radio power. I put the fuse back in. The interior light came on. When I turned the ignition on to test the new head unit, I got an Airbag light.

The code is "Loss of battery power to air bag firing circuit". Why would the airbag have anything to do with fuse 7?

Mustang Rear Air Bag Kit 40947 | UPR: 1991 ford mustang gt airbags

Take a look at this schematic: Fuse 7 directly connects to the airbag firing circuit, despite not being listed in the fuse box. Now, the code I recieved when I plugged the fuse back in, it is just because the firing circuits had lost power previously?

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Can I just clear the codes and go on my merry way? This car has never had a DTC of any sort.

Is the airbag still safe? I don't like looking at that light when I drive. Sorry for the long post.

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Thanks in advance for any advice

I know they make 'em for the SN guys, but what about the fox Ford Mustang GT- SOLD 91 Coupe "Phoenix": Reborn Hello bobss I looked everywhere that Google and I could think of and all indications are that the driver's airbag was standard equipment on. Check out these Exclusive Ford Mustang tech questions, featuring a Ford Mustang GT, LX Hatchback, and More! What years did disc brakes, ABS, and airbags become available or mandatory in Mustangs? '05 issue, and I suggested he switch to inch Star wheels as used on ''93 s.