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Vw rabbit mk5 cabin air filter

Vw rabbit mk5 cabin air filter

You should change it sooner if you live in a dusty climate or do a lot of driving on non paved roads. The cabin air filter helps protect the air that you breathe inside the car. Replacement is a snap and should take less than an hour.

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Unlike the previous generation of GTIs, the MkV cabin filter is located inside the passenger compartment above the passengers' side foot well. Figure 1 Begin by removing the two plastic screws holding the insulation piece above the passenger side foot well red arrow, screws removed.

The screws should only be installed hand tight.

Do not use a screwdriver to tighten these down. The insulation piece they hold in is pretty flimsy.

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Over tightening these screws will rip the insulation. Large Image Extra-Large Image Figure 3 With the screws removed, you can pull the insulation piece down from the dash and foot well red arrow.

It is just held in by the forward ledge and friction. Figure 4 Locate the long plastic cover for the filter housing and slide it to the right red arrow. Large Image Extra-Large Image Figure 5 There are six plastic hooks red arrows, two demonstrated that fit up through the filter yellow arrows, two demonstrated and into the filter housing.

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These hooks mate up with the housing and hold everything in place when the lid is slid to the left. If your filter is really dirty be prepared to vacuum the floor and the filter housing. Large Image Extra-Large Image Figure 7 The filter has a cut out section in the top right corner and will only fit into the housing one way red arrow.

Installation is the reverse of removal.