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Mercedes gt4 63s coupe

Mercedes gt4 63s coupe

NorthUK00 wrote: It won't be mechanically efficient for long. And the repair bills wil be included. I was thinking about only driving it to school on nice drive or fall days, and during the summer, I would only save time it for if I am going to a car show. That way, I can save gas.

Eight hundred horsepower, a peak torque of 1, Nm lb-ft2. They were fine-tuned in the wind tunnel and optimize the handling stability at high speeds. The face of the GT is given an even more striking profile with the combination of BRABUS front spoiler and front fascia attachments for the large air intakes of the bumper.

In addition, the spoiler reduces front-axle lift at high speeds, which further improves the handling stability. The rear end of the four-door is also made even sportier: The carbon diffuser insert for the rear fascia perfectly frames the four tailpipes of the BRABUS sport exhaust, whose titanium embellishers were painted black to match the outer skin of the show car for Monaco.

Mercedes gt4 63s coupe

Naked-carbon panels at the sides of the rear bumper emphasize the striking lines of the vehicle. To emphasize the wedge shape of the four-door coupe, the front is fitted with inch wheels while the rear axle sports inch rims.

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Hi-tech forged wheels. The type designation "Z" stands for an innovative ten-spoke styling.

Mercedes gt4 63s coupe

The dimensions of the rims and tires are equally unusual: The front axle features The modifications to the engine hardware involve the turbocharging system: Two newly designed BRABUS high-performance turbochargers with larger compressor unit and modified core assembly with reinforced axial bearing produce a maximum boost pressure of 1.

Recalibrating the boost-pressure control and further optimizing the power delivery without impairing the durability required reprogramming the mapping of the electronic engine control unit.

At the same time, road testing was conducted on racetracks and in traffic. The stainless sport exhaust, which is available for all GT 63 variants and optimizes the power delivery by reducing the exhaust backpressure, offers a variable exhaust note thanks to its integrated actively controlled exhaust flaps.

The V8 can be operated in the decidedly subtle "Coming Home" mode or in the "Sport" position, which coaxes an extra powerful V8 sound from the engine. Under the "BRABUS fine leather" label, the company upholstery shop transforms the finest leather and Alcantara into interiors that satisfy even the most individual requests of any customer.

There is a virtually endless variety of available colors and upholstery designs.

In 34,km my Golf has used no oil. My car sits around just wondering around but a mates car who is dsg will sit around In its first step since its introduction, the Transit Connect adopts many consumers of the Kinetic Design language.

To complete the interior ambiance, BRABUS can fabricate precious-wood or genuine-carbon inlays in a wide range of colors and specifications. The classy interior captivates not only with its color scheme, but also with its precise white decorative topstitching.

Alcantara inserts in the seat side bolsters optimize the lateral support when employing a sporty driving style. Stainless-steel scuff plates with backlit BRABUS logo that lights up in colors matching the ambient interior lighting round off the high-class interior design.

We have the Porsche Panamera to thank for the existence of the AMG GT 4dr. Despite a plethora of fast, expensive machinery at the top of the Mercedes range​. The AMG GT4 coupe is a German missile that inspires confidence at high speed, Take the “S” option, however, and the AMG GT 63 S delvers a whopping Encontre o automóvel Coupé Mercedes-Benz dos seus sonhos.