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Toyota four runner vs ford explorer

Toyota four runner vs ford explorer

The Ford Explorer will be popular with taller drivers and passengers in the front seat, due to its greater front head- and legroom than the Toyota 4Runner.

Convenience The Ford Explorer requires fewer stops at the gas station than the Toyota 4Runner, making it more convenient to drive. Cost There are a lot of factors to consider when calculating the overall cost of a vehicle.

The Ford Explorer is somewhat more expensive than the Toyota 4Runner. Another consideration is the Destination Charge, which is a standard charge for transporting the vehicle to the dealer from where it's built.

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The Ford Explorer will cost more in terms of transportation costs than the Toyota 4Runner. Dimensions Since the Ford Explorer is much wider than the Toyota 4Runner, finding a wide enough spot in a parking lot may be a bit more challenging.

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For some people, bigger is better. If that's the case for you, then you'll be happier with the Ford Explorer, which is slightly longer than the Toyota 4Runner. Drivetrain With somewhat higher torque, the Ford Explorer transmits power to its wheels a bit more effectively than the Toyota 4Runner.

The Ford Explorer has a little more horsepower than the Toyota 4Runner. Utility The Ford Explorer offers greater seating capacity than the Toyota 4Runner, making it a better choice for those who find themselves chauffeuring others around.

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You'll be able to fit about the same amount of groceries in the Ford Explorer as you will in the Toyota 4Runner. Ford Explorer Comparison Reviews.

Which car is better, the Ford Explorer or Toyota 4Runner? Compare prices, features, infotainment systems, engines, mpg, dimensions, interior & cargo space‚Äč.