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2016 wrx sti alcantara

2016 wrx sti alcantara

Remember when Subaru interiors were the weak point for all their cars? Well the brand has come a long way since they had more hard plastic inside than anything else. Those days have changed with the introduction of Alcantara.

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It definitely took the quality up a few notches over the outgoing model. We found it to be true, when we drove the STI last summer.

Who is Alcantara Alcantara is a unique Italian-made material that offers designers a variety of benefits, including extreme versatility in terms of grip, breathability, resistance to wear, light fastness and clean-ability.

Alcantara maintains compliance with the strictest industry standards for technical performance. Visit Torque News homepage for more stories.

2016 wrx sti alcantara

The lightweight, carbon-neutral material is a preferred choice for many of the world's luxury and high-performance automakers. Subaru also took measures to improve the noise level in the cabin of the new STI.

I installed the alcantara shift boot a while back and now I’m finally getting around to installing the e-brake boot. Subaru WRX STi. So what better to fix that then by upgrading it! This install was fairly easy to do and won't take up a lot of your time. Thank you to My WRX Channel for once again shouting me out in his vlog!! Thank you for watching and as always like, comment, and subscribe for more!!

New features include thicker door glass, revised door sealing and a foam-filled windshield header beam. Subaru cabins have long been known for their sparse and cheap interiors but things are changing.

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Subaru STI interior with alcantara seating, front instrument panel, steering wheel, standard " audio system, center console. WRX, STI specs.