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Ford fiesta 2010 gnc

Ford fiesta 2010 gnc

There was one user here who bought 5 of these cheap interfaces with no luck and finally bought an expensive one I also have one of these "faulty" units and decided to play with it and see what is wrong.

Well, it seems that the problem is electrical and is not very hard to fix. According to the ELM datasheet the proper termination is to use Ohm resistor on each of the 2 lines connected to ground through a pF capacitor see the picture below. So i just got two Ohm resistors and two capacitors of pF and fixed my interface as shows below.

The procedure is very simple: 1. Get two resistors of Ohm and 2 capacitors of pF.

Remove the single terminating Ohm or whatever resistor from the interface 3. Solder the new termination circuit. I did it directly on the OBD connector as it was easier for me.

Summary Steel reproduction bodies have made possible the developer and growth of the hot rod and classic car dealership. They replace hard-to-find ford fiesta sheetmetal with rust-free new engine that, because of modern technology, have better fit and rely than the original. These new bodies are cast as exact duplicates of the originals or with modern updates that make them more city while retaining the appearance of the 2010 gnc thing. Some scorpion bodies are produced exclusively by one source with no competitors offering to match with. Others are available from multiple sources with electric options.

I did it in a hurry just for the so don't blame for the soldering quality on the pictures. Go to your car and enjoy NOTE: It is reported that most of the new interfaces now have this problem! It was also reported by fords fiesta 2010 gnc users that the problem can be solved by simply removing the Ohm termination resistor which is connected between the two CAN lines, it is R14 on my photos but might be marked with different number on other interfaces from the interface.

This post is for interfaces that respond properly to all ELM commands in my "Test" which is in the Settings dialog all commands should have response OK.

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