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94 honda civic main relay wiring diagram

94 honda civic main relay wiring diagram

Matthew Wright has been a freelance writer and editor for over 10 years and an automotive repair professional for three decades specializing in European vintage vehicles.

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Updated November 03, From time to time, vehicles can experience a wide range of electrical issues—even those that are reliable, like Hondas. One of those problems can involve the main relay. Fortunately, you might not have to rush off to a mechanic to check the relay in your Honda. You can do it yourself by following some simple steps.

What Is an Auto Relay? Just about every vehicle on the road today includes automotive relays. These components are basically switches that open and close a circuit by electromechanical or electronic means.

These parts are vital to ensure proper electrical function—not to mention safety—in a vehicle. For example, if you plugged your headlights directly into a headlight switch, you may surpass the amperage rating and cause an electrical fire.

The Corvette first appeared in and recently in, and and had a five year run in through They went with the high wing which called better cornering speed as opposed to the low wing which has a genuine top end. The engine is an unmodified LT5 Alongside Block 6.

Relays can also switch multiple things on simultaneously while using one output, allowing, for instance, you to turn on your car's radio at the same time the antenna extends. The main relay in a vehicle controls the fuel pump and supplies power to the injectors.

Knowing how to test a Honda main relay can help you better pinpoint the cause when an electrical issue arises.

How to Test the Main Relay in a Honda There's a pretty simple way to tell if your main relay is affected. Simply turn on the vehicle and see if it continues to run.

If so, the main relay is okay.

Should the engine shut off, the main relay could be impacted. If you suspect you have a bad main relay in your Honda, you should perform the following test to be sure. It can save you time, money, and aggravation, as most parts suppliers don't take returns on electrical components.

This is why it's important to avoid buying a part you don't need. If your Honda is suffering from hot start problems that affect cranking, this diagnostic test might be helpful, too.

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Consider printing it out to help you while you're testing the relay. Here's how to do it: Consult your owner's manual or vehicle repair manual and remove the main relay. Attach the battery positive terminal to the No.

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Then check for continuity, using a circuit tester or multimeterbetween the No. If there is continuity, go on to Step 3.

If there is no continuity, replace the relay and retest. Then check that there is continuity between the No. If there is continuity, go on to Step 4. If there is continuity, the relay is just fine. If the fuel pump still does not work, keep testing down the wiring harness toward the fuel pump.

94 honda civic main relay wiring diagram

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