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Motorcycle with sidecar for sale in pampanga

Motorcycle with sidecar for sale in pampanga Motorcycle with sidecar for sale in pampanga

It stands for Ramas Uypitching and Sons Inc. It has been in the Filipino market for a couple of years only, but within those couple of years they have produced several models. These models range from under-bone motorcycles, to scooters and tricycles.

Motorcycle with sidecar for sale in pampanga

Other than these products, RUSI motorcycles is also known to sell Wave style motorcycles, along with several types of Sniper styled bikes as well as basic under-bone ones. It is currently located in Bugo, Cagayan de Oro, in Philippines.

Since this company is basically a native brand in Philippines, many Filipino locals make use of their motorcycles. In fact, it has been accounted that lower middle class people use a motorcycle which belongs to a native company in Philippines. Brief History RUSI does not have a long and standing historical background in this motorcycle business.

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It is a very young brand that originated in Philippines itself, and basically serves the middle as well as the lower-middle class Filipino people. It first originated out of Dumaguete City, in Negros Oriental.

Even though it had humble beginnings, RUSI motors is doing pretty well for itself. It has multiple branches all over Philippines. One of those multiple branches is located on Bataan. Other than those branches, RUSI also has multiple outlets in order to provide greater interaction with their customers.

Two of the most popular outlets are in Dinalupihan and in Mariveles — both of which are in Cagayan de Oro. They have consistently produced better vehicles than they used to, and even more, they have certainly improved their overall brand value in the last couple of years.

RUSI introduced their new line of under-bone motorcycles in Philippines just last year.

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This has certainly improved their sales, and increased their popularity. In addition to that, RUSI has significantly lowered the pricing attributes of their products. This has certainly helped to increase their customer base as most lower-middle class people of Philippines have been able to avail RUSI motorcycles without any problem.

Motorcycle with sidecar for sale in pampanga - rusi motorcycle price list in the philippines november 2019

Popular Products Certain products have been quite popular in the Filipino market due to their high sales figures and good quality in a competitive market. It is available in multiple colours, and it offers a good output power spec, as compared to its engine price and transmission. The body is extremely light, so manoeuvrability is not a problem. It offers a cc displacement, with both electric as well as kick starter kit. Its maximum fuel tank capacity is around 3.

Sale for pampanga sidecar with motorcycle

It features an cc displacement spec, with 3. Its dimensions are quite small in nature, so the motorcycle is quite flexible. This product is one of such products.


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It features a cc displacement spec, with a 3. Along with that, its total weight is kg, which is slightly more than under-bone products.

The model is based on the Nissan B comedy, and serves as the base for many other Juke models. The frat of the Juke centres around prominent wheel arches, with a high waistline in contrast to the slim side door. This was seen as Nissan's take on the overall 'coke bottle styling' of the s and s. The car has for the seating for five people overall, with the rear seats having the ability to split and fold separately to find the somewhat limited cargo area.

Marketing Strategy Marketing strategies for motorcycles is a very tricky thing in Philippines due to the availability of various brands selling the same product. So an efficient marketing strategy is very important in order to improve the chances of selling a particular product. RUSI offers a standard marketing strategy of lowering the price in order to get ahead off its competitors.

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