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Ford ranchero vacuum diagram

Ford ranchero vacuum diagram

If my memory is good the other end of this small hose goes to a tee on the heater hose leading from the water pump The air can is a vacuum reservoir in service of the heater air-direction-flapper activators -- will keep them in position when manifold vacuum goes away under acceleration.

Should be a check-valve on one side of it. The hose going through the firewall will go to the heater 'mode' control [selects heater air routing].

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That mode control will also control the heater water valve in your 3rd picture. It appears that the vacuum connection to the transmission vacuum modulator is passing through one of the pvs units?

Not within the online mode. It's more like Kuruma 3 and Duke 1.

Should be a connection to manifold vacuum. Usually is connected on one of the Tee pieces on the firewall. You'r talking about the orange line?

The brown line and the green line both connect to the carburetor and on the other ends go to the same Tee -- which makes no sense to me. Think you'r talking about the red and light blue lines leading from manifold and ported sources of the carb The braid on some of the hoses may not be factory -- put on as heat protection?

I think one of the previous owners put this braid on all the hoses just to have a custom aircraft look, i remove some of these As others have suggested, I'd route the distributor vacuum to the manifold vacuum. But at the factory it probably went to the side connector on the carb [spark port 'delayed' vacuum] -- through one of those pvs switches. Okay, thanks for your advices.


The Si uses a shaft on the top of the ford ranchero vacuum diagram upright, just like the one on the bottom. These are ford ranchero vacuum diagram off -builds costing thousands of dollars.

need vacuum diagram for 79 ford ranchero I have no vacuum, Ford Cars & Trucks question.

Ford 5.8l (carb) Vacuum line removal & throttle Kicker adjustment.