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P1131 ford taurus park

P1131 ford taurus park

Service light randomly comes on and when code reader was put to it shows "left bank running lean.

Ford park p1131 taurus

Truck seems to be running fine. Converter with all new sensors in them.

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I just replaced my spark plugs. I'm knocking out these check engine light problems and I think I'm getting close to the root as to why these other parts went bad. Why my o2 p1131 ford taurus park would be stuck on "lean" The code P comes up and it says "Lack of upstream heated oxygen sensor switch - sensor indicates lean - bank 1". I hear it could be the sensor that is bad or there is a vacuum leak.

It runs like a champ, no spitting, no sputtering, no missing, no ruff idle. What do I need to do to fix it or where do I need to start looking? I keep getting a lean bank code. I have cleaned tb and replaced one of the rubber lines.

It only comes on when I take a good ride with the truck.

P1131 ford taurus park

Not sure what else it could be. I'm thinking O2 sensor maybe. I put in new plugs, all 3 O2 sensors, cleaned the MAF and checked for vacuum leaks, all to no avail Should I assume that I need to replace one of the O2 sensors and if so, which one?? Not sure, but I think this car has four O2 sensors??

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I don't have any other codes except for an unrelated P neutral safety switch code. It has had both codes for over a year. I have replaced the fuel filter, the upstream o2 sensor, and the PCV valve. I also cleaned the MAF sensor.

The mechanic performed a smoke test and found no vacuum leaks. Did a fuel pressure test and it's normal.

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Mechanic thought it would be fuel pressure because the car starts a bit slow when cold, but nope. The car runs great and still gets great gas mileage. I've never experienced a misfire in my 12 years of owning the car.

P1131 ford taurus park: p0316 engine misfire at startup

I am asking because I am at a loss as to what it could be. When I got home I plugged my scanner in and came up with a P code, running lean at idle.

Cleared the code and went inside to start doing my google homework. Looking around various threads I'm leaning towards the PCV valve being shot. Seems like they go quite a bit and it describes quite a few of my problems going on; CEL, lumpy idle, and a bit sluggish.

Currently at 50k p1131 ford taurus park on my I've been Revo stage one for about 7k if that makes a difference too. So I got the code pulled and it turns out I'm running lean with a base one. Looking to see what the probable cause for this code to pop up? Is this a rare code that popped up on this car? There's no noticeable symptoms going on with the car. Right now I am trying to sort out the issues so that it can become my daily driver for the next few years.

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Second issue, The check engine light is on and it is popping up a P generic engine running too lean code. The car looses power sometimes and I can smell gas in the car.

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I have a friend that is going to be loaning me his MAC code reader so that I can see if it is one of the O2 sensors and if so which one tomorrow. I know it's usually a vacuum leak on the pcv hosing, which I did have at the back and replaced as well as other softer joining sections 3 to be exact lolbut I'm still getting this error.

Since this is an obvious indication of a lean burning cylinder can I make the assumption my most likely problem is dirty fuel injectors on those cylinders?

i have a SES ford taurus, we have replace a o2 sensor and the idol air control value,​ i have a SES ford taurus, we have replace a o2 sensor and the idol air control value, i still have the P code any help?​ it stalls here and there at stop lights, how can i fix this.

01 taurus was running like shit. O2 sensors bank1 and 2 LEAN