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2007 honda accord known issues

2007 honda accord known issues

It has about 92, miles and still drives great. After having driven it for a short time I can say without any hesitation that this car is far far superior to the Camry in almost every way. In fact it makes the Camry seem like a down right cheap. It really leaves me wondering why anybody would even consider a Camry.

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First off the performance is phenomenal for a four cylinder engine. Honda truly squeezed out every single horse on the Accord's Hp engine. The car accelerates like a six cylinder form mph.

2007 honda accord known issues

Once you exceed 55 mph acceleration is not as great, though you still have ample power to easily pass other cars on the highway at high speeds. The performance is due to several well designed components.

The automatic transmission always seems to be in the right gear and switches gears very smoothly.

Additionally Honda designed the Accord's four cylinder engine in such a manor that it does not produce the vibrations normally associated four cylinder engines. The handling on the Accord it amazing too.

The car feels connected to the road at all times; never "floaty. In fact the suspension system that they use is the same utilized by BMW on the 3 series. The interior is very nicely finished.

It will also fit other Honda Acura applications. IAC Contour is collectively and extremely proud to have a huge team in India who is willing to take the extra rates in producing top-of-the-line comfort and interior automobile products to its performances across the board. It's under the throttle body.

It is both stylish and functional. The front seats are the most comfortable I have ever sat in. They are both soft and supportive. The backs of the seats offer fantastic lumbar support while also hugging your back to add to the overall comfort.

The only grip that I have about the seats is that the cloth that they are made of, while possessing a very quality look and feel, are lint magnets. To get them completely clean you need to use a lint roller.

What's Wrong with the Accord?; 2007 honda accord known issues

The back seat comfortable as well with plenty of head room for most adults. Legroom in the back seat is a bit limited when the front seat are pushed back all the way but is otherwise ample. Visibility is great all round. Though large on the inside when you are driving the car does not feel big.

I am having trouble with an 07' honda accord, it seems there is a short somewhere or something draining the battery very rapidly, the car starts fine, and the batt and alternator are fine, but if you turn the car off for any time over 10 minutes, the car won't start, it acts as if the battery is dead, for example, I. went to put gas in, I went in and paid, and pumped the gas, didn't take long at all, but when I went to start it the battery was dead, I was able to get a jump start, and it started instantly, no lights are being left on, and nothing is turned on, i'm not the b.

I was shocked when I found out that the Accord is about the same size as a Mercedes E-class which feels big when you drive it. The Accord too is a very safe vehicle. All trim levels come standard with side curtain airbags and ABS.

Four wheel disc brakes are standard on the SE and EX trim levels for improve braking. You get also almost instant cold air even during the hot Texas summers.

2007 honda accord known issues

An additional feature that I love is that the windows can be rolled down by using the car remote which is great after it has been sitting in the sun for a few hours. You can release a 2007 honda accord known issues portion of the hot air before you even get to the car!

As far as reliability goes the car has had no major issues since it was purchased in with 37, miles and most likely none before that either. Just new brake pads in and 2 new tires in and Even though this car was designed in and updated in it still today is a very stylish and attractive vehicle both inside and out.

I would even dare to say that is is the most sporty looking Accord made to date with its clean lines and LED tail lights. Honda did a great job of making a mid size family sedan that is both functional and fun whereas their competitors only provide one or the other.

It is for these reasons, along with the Accord's reliability, that make it worthy of a all round score of five.

"No Start" Due to Ignition Switch Failure. Ignition switch failure may cause the car to stall or fail to start.

2007 Honda Accord Stall/ No Start