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2010 ford focus grille removal

2010 ford focus grille removal

Frayed wires in the wiring harness or under the seat financed a short C. Sled was only running on one aspect. Low side coil on his stator read ohms and it should have assisted ohms. The low side coil was bad.

I did what you did initially, taking out the top bolts then reaching in as somebody else suggested and "bending" the attached grille forward so you can get to the screws on the bottom. I believe the bottom ones are 10mm.

Anyway, after taking those out, then attacking the funny little bolts that hold on the emblem, I ended up taking the whole grille assembly out. You really have to because the best is yet to come!

When you get the grill laying down in front of you, the chrome attaches to the grill backing with little clips that are pushed and held in by friction - so, you have to first take off that emblem patience is highly recommended not to mention cooler temps than you hadthen you have to work your way around the top, bottom and all along the inside with a flat blade screwdriver to pry the clips up and forward to keep them from slipping back and clipping in again - this is the most frustrating part because they want to clip back to where they were.

I think there are four on top, four on bottom, four in the top middle which are hard to see and four on the bottom middle.

Its compact proportions with a short wheelbase, a removal front wheel and extended spring travel make for a typical upright posture, promising an agile, nimble removal response.

That is why you really need to have the assembly in front of you to work on it. After doing that and finally getting the chrome off, I was able to easily clip the black grille on and reattach the Ford emblem.

Then I could not for the life of me figure out how to get the bottom screws back on to attach the bottom of the grille assembly to the bumper but it fits in against the plastic bumper lip and so as long as you can 2010 ford focus grille removal it in there it will stay or so I hope because I was not able to get those suckers back in again. So, I just tightened the upper ones and so far so good.

There really is no reason to have the extra two screws because even though the grille moves a little more than it should, it will not come off and rests nicely against the rest of the grille assembly.

I know this may not make too much sense, but since you have had to joy of peering into the jaws of grille replacement hellyou know what to expect. Just make a decision to spend a couple of hours and use your ingenuity to get that sucker off and you will.

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I should have taken pics at the time, but I was so frustrated, I would probably have done something not nice to the camera.

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