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First gen cummins for sale virginia

First gen cummins for sale virginia

The ride is exceptionally smooth. The cab is spacious and comfortable, whether its just my family of 3 out on a shopping trip or my husband and a cab full of guys headed to a firefighting training event. Everyone who has chanced to ride in it is always impressed at the details, capacity, and smoothness.

Overall I love it and after 3 years of ownership, and a series of no-fault traffic accidents I am feel confident and safe in our Ram Truck. Strong, reliable, and affordable. Story We were traveling home from a vet appointment on a rainy day with average visibility going about 60 mph down the Highway 34 in Iowa. I was in the middle front with my Rat terrier next to me buckled in the front passenger seat.

My husband was driving and our son and our Airedale terrier were secured in the back seat. We were in the left hand lane and off to my right side I noticed a white SUV g We were in the left hand lane and off to my right side I noticed a white SUV gaining speed coming down an on ramp. There was another dark colored SUV just slightly ahead of us in the right lane. The white SUV just kept increasing speed and merging over closer and closer, it nearly rear ended the SUV that was in the right lane but instead continued moving left, right into us!

My husband was honking and accelerating and even moved to the shoulder to try and avoid being hit by this reckless individual, but it was in vain.

Leave a comment or send me a message if you're in the CT area and are interested in this truck. Asking $ OBO, or trades for oilfield engines and.

They hit right into our passenger door. Never swerving, jerking, or losing control my husband corrected and got us back on the road instantly.

The SUV however lost control hit 4 other vehicles, casting them into the median and ditch, before it jumped the median itself to flee the scene. Thank God no one was injured, not us, not the other people hit by this criminal.

The moral of the story is that of the 5, or more vehicles hit, cars and trucks alike, we were the only ones who were able to maintain control and keep moving forward, out of harms way. None of us felt more than a bump, like hitting a minor pothole. We were able to drive home, not everyone else was, tow trucks had to be called.

This truck has kept my family safe and calm in more than one incident. I trust Dodge Ram with my family's lives. Oh, and in case your wondering, they caught the person responsible for the hit and run a few months later. Pros There are a huge number of positive attributes that this vehicle has. First, and foremost are the safety features. The wide base and 4-wheel drive make it sure and sound on slick wintery roads in the north.

The height of the truck keeps a little flash flooding and other minor road obstructions far from the frame, assuring my husband will make it home to me every night, no matter what might stand in the way of a sedan.

The frame of this beast can take a hit too!

Within the first 3 years of ownership we have it 3 deer and been hit by an SUV. The whole family was along for the first deer and The whole family was along for the first deer and the SUV incident.

We never lost control or had to stop.

I also love the look of the truck, it looks sleek and strong, and it is. It has a great amount of power for passing slower traffic and can stop on a dime. It can also wade through thick mud on D level roads.

With our Dodge we will always get where we need to go. So far it has been able to take on anything man or nature has dished out.

First gen cummins for sale virginia

Cons In my experience there are very few if any cons, so I will start with what others have told me. The chief complaint of other passengers has been that it is difficult to get into.

This is definitely not the first choice of vehicle for handicapped persons. There are plenty of well positioned grab bars to aid in entry if needed.

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I also hear people worry about gas mileage because trucks are by, in large, for being gas guzzlers. For us, this has actu For us, this has actually been a decrease.

We had a Chevy Cavalier before and our average was 23 mpg, now its.

Dodge Ram Cummins Diesel second gen,, manual ​ Dodge Ram 4x4 Cummins Diesel 5 Speed.​ Dodge RAM l cummins diesel 4x4 drw ca truck. Dodge Ram Mega Cab SLT 4x4. $39, Dodge Ram Crew Cab Tradesman 4x4 Dodge Ram Mega Cab Big Horn 4x4.