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Ford fiesta 2018 window wont go up

Ford fiesta 2018 window wont go up

Thanked: Times Power Window Failure?

How to manually roll your window up This happened some days ago but I could not post it earlier due to non working internet connection and later due to some issues with my laptop. First of all a big thank you to "SS-Traveller". I've bugged this gentleman with car problem, dental problem and what not and he has never disappointed me.

Thanks you so much Dada for taking my call at in the night and suggesting the jugaad. I guess the best way to thank him would be to spread the knowledge I gained during this episode.

Source: Wiki One fine evening aroundI was pulling out of my office parking lot and pressed the power window switch to roll down the window and handover the parking token to the security guys. After that the window refused to roll up.

I pulled over to a side and tried again. It goes down but doesn't go up. The passenger side window was working normally. The driver side window was rolling down alright. It just wasn't rolling up.

The switch was feeling different when trying to roll up the window so I guessed the problem should be with the switch only. Eventually the driver side window was fully down now. It was past 9 pm and all the shops would have closed by now. I thought to brave the chilling winds and head home and then see what I can do about it.

So I drove on NH 8 from Gurgaon to Delhi and somewhere around the halfway mark my right cheek went into cryogenic freeze with the left one planning to follow suit. Got home and armed with the emergency light and screwdriver I set to work.

Disconnected the power window switch, reconnected and tried again. Thought of applying some brute force.

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It did not budge an inch! So much for brute force.

Next I opened the door panel. Since I've seen this happen before on my car I know where the screws are and where the clips are. It would be a good idea to know the same about your car. Upon opening I could not think of a way to get the window rolled up. I park on the road outside my house so it wasn't safe to park the car whole night with a window open.

Ford fiesta 2018 window wont go up

It was now and I was hungry tired and frustrated. He suggested me this arrangement to atleast get the window rolled up.

How to Diagnose Ford Power Window Problems, It Still Runs

OK so here goes the jugaad. This thread is only a stopgap arrangement, until you can find an electrician mechanic who can fix the real issue. First 3 images explain in very basic the movement of parts which gets restricted when the power window fails.

So after the boring textbook pics here are the pics from the spot.

I think the diagrams don't need any explanation. If someone requires more details please let me know. I would be happy to provide. I also invite suggestions from TBHPians about other ideas which can be implemented.

Ford fiesta 2018 window wont go up

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Hi guys,I went out in the st befor,put my window down and all was fine,come to put it back up and it's stuck down,I can hear the motor trying but. It doesn't make any noise or vibrations when I try to roll it up. Could this be a Thanks for the help! Have you tried pulling on the window? You definitely get upset in case the window doesn't go up, especially when it's raining. So, here is some quick and affordable tips that will help.