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2011 cadillac cts v ls7 throttle body

2011 cadillac cts v ls7 throttle body

Started with stock 87mm.

Adarondax Step 1: Turn the nipple to run one position before starting engine. Does that mean push the blue "Backlight" button but don't open the hood. Steverino, PM I apologize. I should have came at the owner's manual first and double checked this guys does. Although it seems to imply you turn on the car, sans there is another way to activate the dash.

Was told to buy an LS3 90mm. I had the flutter issue.

Was told it was just a bad one. Bought an LS2 at the recommendation of Mike Norris. Not enough flow though.

Bought a NW using stock ls3 Had flutter issue. Bought a TPIS and issue was gone. Magnuson asked me to test a Has a LS3 set of electronics.

Very expensive lesson on TBs. If you want to see if you have an issue.

Go WOT throttle until about Let off then immediately go WOT. Many times it will great a DTC, sometimes will shutdown the engine until cleared.

2011 cadillac cts v ls7 throttle body

If does not do that look at position on log. On second WOT may go to On cars with larger air requirements the flutter just happens on a long hard pull.

Surprised you aren't having more problems than that with the I know his fix is one very large torque electric motor or a voltage booster going to the stock motor Next question - is the ls2 based TB a direct plug and play? If so why not just swap out the electric motor where the ls3 motor is now?

Hey guys, I'm wanting to buy a LS7 throttle body. Should I get Joined Oct 24, I will probably be selling my ported LS7 in weeks. The WEAPON-X ported throttle bodies are quickly becoming notorious for quality, improved driveability, and power!​ The 87mm LSA throttle body leaves a lot to be desired.​ DSX: Flex Fuel Sensor Kit [Camaro Corvette CTS V G8 GTO SS]. Lingenfelter High Performance Air intake for Cadillac CTS-V Quick View Not GM LS2 LS3 LS7 LSA LS9 Throttle Body 12 Inch Extension Harness​. I'm considering doing a throttle body. LS3, LS7, Aftermarket, or just ported factory? CTS-V A6, RWHP Stock airbox & stock exst.

Ben changes a throttle body on a Cadillac sts 2008