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Daily riding a grom

Daily riding a grom

Kawasaki Z Pro Honda took the motorcycle market by storm a few years back when they revealed their ultimate mini-machine, the Honda Grom. Both the Grom and Z have similarities, but they also have differences that make them outshine the other. So which mini-motorcycle is better?

Keep on reading as we break down the motorcycle dilemma of the Honda Grom vs. The Kawasaki Z Pro to see which motorcycle comes out on top. Style: The first thing you notice about a motorcycle is the way it looks and the styling of the Honda Grom and Kawasaki Z is one of the main reasons why these bikes are so popular amongst riders.

When the Honda Grom first debuted in the motorcycle market, there was no other motorcycle like it.

It is much smaller than your average motorcycle and it has a shorter seat and seat height. The body of the Grom is like a naked bike because it is stripped down with more angular work.

Daily riding a grom

On the other hand, the Kawasaki Z is about an inch shorter than the Grom when it comes to the wheelbase. The Z puts its own signature look on the styling by having a belly pan and shrouds similar to many of the sportbikes on the market today.

Although The Z has more bodywork, it is actually lighter than the Grom.

Both the Grom and the Z appeal to riders who want a unique looking ride. We consider this to be a tie because style depends on personal preference. If you are more into the stripped-down, naked bike look, then the Honda Grom is for you.

Even the addition of disc brakes have not improve its daily riding a grom Achilles heal: braking. Last edited by sidindica: 22nd June at As a word of daily riding a grom from Philkotse.

If you are more about the sportbike look, then go for the Kawasaki Z Speed: When it comes to speed, most riders believe that the Honda Grom is faster. In comparison, the Kawasaki Z15 Pro only has 8.

LA Grom Commute

Both bikes from their models have a peak top speed of about 63 MPH. However, its standard position makes these bikes quick, easy to shift, and fun to maneuver.

These bikes are perfect for city driving because they let you move through tight spaces and lane-splitting with ease. The Honda Grom has a seat height of 30 inches which allows riders to stretch out more than you would expect while the Z has a seat that reaches Keep in mind that these bikes are not meant for freeway riding but more for taking trips around the town.

The Grom wins this round with its impressive MPG.

Daily riding a grom, two weeks with a honda grom | video review

You cannot go wrong with a Grom for your daily commute. Customization: One of the best things about owning a motorcycle is customizing it to make it unique and your own. Although the Honda Grom and Kawasaki Z are small in size, there are several accessories you can add to make them cool and unique. Is seems like the Kawasaki Z Pro wins this round because there are many more accessories on the market to customize this bike.

With all the comparisons made between the two, is there a clear winner?

We can honestly say…no! The best bike out of these two will ultimately be based on personal preference. The Kawasaki Z is more inexpensive, more maneuverable, and has a sportier look, while the Honda Grom has better braking and a naked-bike style.

The lack of a clear winner leaves you the ability to make the choice base on what you are looking for in a bike.

Is anyone else planning on making this their daily rider? If so what are your plans for modifications to make this an easier ride? I'm looking into. So I've been sold on getting a grom as a more fun daily over an rx-8, I will still be groms are too common in my area, are they only worth it to ride with others? After an action packed week of city riding, we're happy to report that bigger doesn​'t means that you can get away with absolute murder on the daily commute.